What is an IoT Device?

A device in which a sensor is connected and able to transfer data from one device to another over the internet is called an IoT device.

IoT devices consist of software, wireless sensors, actuators, and computer peripherals. They are connected to a particular device that works through the internet that allows data to be transferred between devices or people.

For example, your car's IoT systems detects the heavy traffic and automatically send a message to the person waiting for the updates.

There are some examples of IoT devices:

Samsung Smart Things:

Samsung has launched IoT-compatible devices, including hubs, intelligent outputs, motion detectors, water leak detectors, arrival detectors, etc. The company has also launched a complete home monitoring kit to turn an ordinary home into a smart home.

Healthcare/fitness IoT devices:


Fitbit is the pioneer in the manufacture of smartwatches and health monitoring devices. These devices can be attached to your smartphone, allowing you to track your health and set your fitness goals.

Virtual Reality IoT devices:

Google Daydream

Google Daydream is a virtual reality device that enables IoT. It can be used using your smartphone inserted in the device. The virtual reality experience can be transmitted using Chrome cast.