XML Database

XML Database is used to store huge amount of information in XML format. It provides a secure place to store XML document.

Types of XML Databases

There are two types of XML databases
XML-enabled database
Native XML database(NXD)

XML-enabled database

XML-enabled database is a relational database. It provide extension for conversion for XML document. In XML-enabled database data is stored in tables consisting of rows and columns.

Native XML database

It store large amount of XML document and data. Native XML database is based on container format instead of table format. It is queried by XPath expression. Native XML database is advantage over XML-enabled database because it is highly capable to store, query, and maintain the XML-document than XML-enabled database. Example
<?xml version="1.0">  
        <name>Ajay singh</name>  
        <name>Shipra singh</name>  
In above example, table name student is created and holds the students (students 1 and student 2). Both contains 3). entities name, class and section.