XML Tags

XML tags are case-sensitive. Tags are most important part in XML. XML tags are the foundation of tags. They can use to insert comments, declare setting required for parsing the environment, and to insert special instructions. It is categorize as follows

Start Tag

The starting of every non-empty XML element is marked by start-tag. Example
Here <Employee> is Starting tag of an element.

End Tag

Every element that has start tag should end with end-tag. Example
Here </Employee> is end tag of element and use slash ("/") before name of element.

Empty Tag

The text that present in between start-tag and end-tag is called content. An element which have no content is called empty. It is represented by two ways:-

First way

Start-tag immediately followed by end-tag: <tr></tr>

Second way

Complete empty-element tag: <hr/> Empty-element tags are used for any element which has no content.