Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Advantages of Cloud Computing

  1. Low cost: - The most significant advantage of cloud computing is the low cost. In cloud computing to run cloud technology, there is no requirement of high power computers and technology because the application will run on the cloud, not on the user’s PC.
  2. Storage capacity: -The cloud provides a vast amount of storage capacity. The size of cloud storage is unlimited, and generally, it offers a storage capacity of 2000-3000 GBs or maybe, more which is based on the requirement.
  3. Increase computing Power: - Another advantage of cloud computing is it serves a very high-competence of running and processing tasks and processing of the application.
  4. Reduce software cost: - The cloud reduces the software costs because there is no need to purchase software for every computer in an organization.
  5. Updating: -Updating is another advantage of cloud computing. In cloud computing, instant updating of software is possible and, users will have no problem regarding the choice between absolute and high upgrade software.
  6. Cloud supports pay per use model: - One of the main advantages of the cloud is pay-per-use, allowing users to pay only for the resources and workloads they use.
  7. Improve accessibility: - You can access anywhere, anytime, making your life so easier.
  8. Streamline processes: - Get more work done in less time with fewer people.
Advantages of cloud computing

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

  1. Internet speed: - The cloud technology needs a high-speed internet connection as web-based applications often require large bandwidth.
  2. Constant internet connection: - Without the internet, the use of cloud infrastructure is impossible. A constant internet connection is needed to access any application on cloud storage.
  3. Security: - The most significant disadvantage of the cloud is security. Data on the cloud is not secure. There may be chances of data loss because an unauthorized user can access the user’s data.
  4. Technical problem: - Besides the use of cloud computing, you are not able to manage it yourself when there is some problem, you may have to contact customer support who is not consequently ready 24/7. That is a big problem because for this type of support you also have to pay some money.
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