Cloud Computing Management

Cloud providers are responsible for managing resources and their quality. Management of resources consists of several aspects of cloud computing such as load balancing performance, backups, deployment, capacity, etc. the management is vital to access the full functionality of resources in the cloud.

Cloud Management Task

The cloud providers perform a number of tasks to ensure the effective use of cloud resources. Discuss some of them.

  1. Audit system backup: - Audit system backup is needed to audit the backups timely to assure the restoring of randomly selected files of various users. Backup can be taken in the following ways:
  • The company's backup of data, from on-site computers to cloud-based disks.
  • The cloud provider’s backup of data.

If the cloud provider has secured the information, and the backup is taken at different locations, the client should know the details of those locations.

2. Data flow of the system: - It is the duty of the managers to create a diagram that illustrates an overall system flow. The system flow defines the movement throughout the cloud solution of information belonging to an entity. 

3 .Vender-locks in awareness and solutions: - The managers need to understand how to leave specific cloud providers services.

4. Knowing the provider’s security procedures: - It is must that the manager must know the security plans of the providers for the following services.

  • Multitenant use
  • E-commerce processing
  • Employee screening
  • Encryption policy.

5. Monitoring capacity planning and scaling capabilities: -   The managers should  know the capacity planning in order to assure that  whether the cloud provider is fullfill the future capacity requirement for their business or not. Managers need to control the scaling capability to ensure that services can be scaled up or down as required by the customer.

6. Monitor Audit log use: - To detect process failures,   administrators need to review reports periodically.

7. Solution testing and validation: - When the cloud provider provides the solution, it is important to test it in order to ensure that it gives the accurate result, and it is free from error. This is required for a system to be robust and reliable.

Cloud Computing Operations

Cloud computing operation is referred to bring superior cloud services. Today, cloud computing operations have become very popular and widely used by many organizations just because it enables all business operations to be carried out over the Internet. Using a web application or mobile application, these operations can be carried out. There are various types of cloud operations. Some of the operations are:

  • Email-marketing
  • Content management
  • System-wide reporting
  • Online marketplace
  • Accounting services
  • Human resource management and recruitment systems.

Managing Cloud Operations

There are various ways to manage day-to-day cloud operations.

  • Always employ the right tools and resources to perform some tasks in the cloud.
  • Everything ought to be achieved at the right time and cost.
  • It is necessary to pick a suitable asset for project management.
  • It is must that the process is standardized and automated to manage repetitive tasks.
  • Using an effective process will reduce the waste of effort and redundancy.
  • One should maintain the quality of service to avoid re-work later.