Project management activities

Project management activities

Software project management involves many activities, including project planning, software product scope, cost estimation in various terms, scheduling of tasks and events, and resource management. Project management activities may include:

  • Project Planning
  • Scope Management
  • Project Estimation
Project management activities

Project Planning

Software project planning is work that is done before the production of software starts. It is for software products but does not involve any concrete activity that has any relationship with software production. It is a set of multiple processes that facilitate software production.

Scope Management

It defines the scope of the project; It includes all activities, the process required to create a deliverable software product. Scope management is necessary because it clearly defines what will and will not be done in the project. This makes the project to include limited and quantitative tasks, which can be easily documented and in turn, avoids cost and time.

There are the following points which are necessary during project scope management:-

  1. Define the scope.
  2. Decide when to control and verify.
  3. Split the project into various smaller parts for ease of management.
  4. Scope verification.
  5. Monitor the scope by adding changes to the scope.

Project Estimation

Accurate estimation of various measures is essential for effective management. With the right estimates, managers can manage and control the project more efficiently and effectively.

Project management activities2

Software size estimation

Estimating the size of the software can be in KLOC (Kilometer lines of code) or by counting the number of function points in the software. The number of lines of code depends on the coding practices and function points according to customer or software requirements.

Effort estimation

Managers estimate the effort required in terms of time and manpower required to produce the software. The size of the software for estimating effort must be known. This can be achieved either by the experience of the managers, the historical data of the organization, or the software size that can be converted into efforts using some standard formulas.

Time estimation

When the effort and size assessed, then the time needed to develop the software can be estimated. The required efforts are separated into sub-categories according to the requirement specifications and interdependencies of the various components of the software. Work Breakthrough Structure is used to divide tasks into smaller tasks.

Cost estimation

This can be considered the most difficult. To estimate the cost of the project, one must consider it.

  1. Size and quality of the software.
  2. Hardware
  3. Expenses involved in travel, communication, training, and support.