Software Project Planning

Project planning is a management process that focuses on the activities required to complete a project successfully. Project planning helps to prevent problems that occur during the project development, such as a change in the project, non-availability of resources, etc. Project planning helps in better utilization of resources and time.

Software managers take responsibility for planning and scheduling project development. They assist the work to make sure that it is performed according to the required standards. They monitor progress to make sure that the development is done on time and within the budget. Bad planning usually results in project failure. However, the software delivery is delayed, costs more than the estimated cost, and fails to meet its requirements. Project planning should include major issues such as size and cost estimation, project scheduling, monitoring, review, personnel selection evaluation, and risk management.

 The Objectives of project planning are given below.

  • Project planning helps in assigning roles and responsibilities to each member of the team.
  • Project planning ensures that the project management team works according to business objectives.
  • It examines the usefulness of schedules and user requirements.

Why is it important?

Project planning is very important for the success of the project. Making the right plan from the beginning of the project planning helps to avoid big mistakes. It assures that the implementation of the project will meet its goal on time and within the budget. Resource requirement is estimated based on cost and development time. The project schedule can be very useful for controlling and monitoring the progress of the project. Project development depends on resource and development time.

Steps for Project Planning

Planning is the basic step of project planning that every project manager needs to know. This gives an idea of what is happening at different phases while developing software, but they do not provide detail information.

At the beginning of any project, the project manager does not have any plan. To develop a good plan for the project, the project manager needs to spend some time with the team members and explain what he wants to achieve together and work on the processes required to achieve the goal. The project manager develops an action plan for how it will be carried out.

How to manage your plan

The project plan is not static; it can be modified according to the needs of the customer. A project manager is always free to make a change whenever it is needed. It may be possible that the project schedule will change almost daily, but mostly the delivery date and cost management processes do not change during the life of the project.

Sometimes it happens that some plans are not working accordingly, then the project manager needs to find alternatives and chooses the best one among them. Make the changes you need, re-approve the changes, and implement it.