Introduction to Flutter

Flutter is a user interface cross-platform application building software development kit used for creating web, desktop, and mobile applications from a single code-base. It was developed by Google and was released in May 2017. It can be used to develop applications for Android, Google Fuchsia, Web platform, Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows. The languages used to write it are C++, C and Dart. To create an application, only the Dart language is used. The newest stable version is 1.20.4, which was released on September 16, 2020. Flutter is easy to learn and implement software, which helps to create one code-base for the various platforms. This is why flutter is popular among many developers.

What is Dart?

Dart is a programming language that is mainly used to create cross-platform applications for web, desktop, and mobile. This language was also made by Google and was released on October 10, 2011. This language is considered as one of the easiest languages. The syntax of Dart is mainly based on C language, but it is much more simplified than C. Dart is-

  1. object-oriented (which means that the language is entirely based on objects which contain data and functions),
  2. class-based (the data and functions can be wrapped inside a class, where the feature of inheritance can occur),
  3. and garbage collecting language (this helps remove the unwanted memory allocation which was given to a data or function at some point, but that data or function doesn’t exist anymore).

Dart is an easy to learn, modern and well-structured language. Dart was created by Lars Bak, who is a computer programmer from Denmark. Flutter is a Dart-dependent software development kit.

Why should we use flutter?

With so many more options available on the internet today, the question which comes into our mind is why we should choose flutter. So, let’s compare other flutter similar software and answer this question.

Flutter vs. Kotlin

Flutter is easy to learn and implement a software development kit.  Kotlin is also a software development kit, but it is older in comparison with flutter. Both the SDKs are free to use and completely open-source. However, flutter’s UI is considered better than Kotlin’s. The programming language used for kotlin is JavaScript, JVM (java virtual machine). Many popular applications are developed using Kotlin, such as Evernote, Tinder, Netflix, and Zomato Community of kotlin is fair and adequate; however, many developers are bailing on kotlin to work on flutter.

Flutter vs. Swift

Swift is an IOS application developing programming language created by American software developer Chris Lattner and Apple. It was released six years ago, on June 2, 2014. In terms of speed, flutter is behind swift. Swift is the fastest programming language, but flutter is also not that bad. Swift is currently the most common in IOS application development, but flutter is not so behind either. In the future, flutter maybe the number 1 SDK for developing applications for IOS. Some famous applications built by swift are Uber, Slack, Accenture, Khan Academy, Lyft, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.

Flutter vs. Native React

Native React mainly uses JavaScript as their computer language. It was created by Facebook in 2015.  Many popular applications are created using Native React like Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Skype, and Tesla. If you are more familiar with web development and want to create an application using the same code lines, native react is best for you. But if you are more familiar with C/C++/Java then, flutter is easier for you to learn and understand. The performance of flutter is considered way better than native react, according to developers. The biggest competitor of native react is flutter. It’s easy, and unique features make it a winner in every aspect.

Flutter vs. Ionic

First created in 2013 by a bunch of developers- Max Lynch, Ben Sperry, and Adam Bradley of Drifty Co., Ionic is one of the best applications developing SDKs and is one of the biggest threats to flutter. Similar to flutter, ionic is also used for multiple platform application development from a single code-base. Ionic is a very powerful toolkit, and many developers prefer to create applications using ionic.

Sworkit, JustWatch, Diesel, McDonald Turkiye, Cryptochange, Untappd, and Nationwide are examples of top applications built using Ionic. For developing an application using Ionic, the developer should know JavaScript as ionic is based on JavaScript. Coming to the performance, ionic doesn’t require a heavy code for creating applications. However, flutter’s performance may be affected when the developer is dealing with a heavy application.

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