RPA Automation Anywhere

RPA Automation Anywhere is the Robotic Process Automation tool. It provides flexible, scalable, and secure services. It is also known as the popular RPA vendor that offers powerful and user-friendly RPA capabilities to automate the complex and redundant task.

It is a web-based management system that uses the control room to execute the automated task. It automates end-to-end business operations for organizations.

RPA Automation Anywhere
Figure: RPA implementation with Automation Anywhere.

It allows the organization to automate the procedures that are manually performed by humans. It is one of the Innovative technology that has changed the way organizations used to operate the task.

It can integrate several platforms and scale those platforms simultaneously. It is used at the enterprise level and mainly designed to solve the complexity issues.

It provides the platform for digital business to the organizations. RPA builds the Robotic software by using Automation Anywhere tool. The main motive of this tool is to provide scalable, secure, and resilient services to its users.

Features of Automation Anywhere

  • Automation Anywhere supports intelligent Automation to business and IT tasks.
  • This tool uses smart automation technology.
  • It quickly automates complex and complicated tasks.
  • It also distributes the task to multiple computers.
  • This automation tool creates automation tasks such as record the keyboard strokes and mouse clicks.
  • It provides script less Automation.
  • Automation Anywhere executes the auto-login schedule tasks at any time.

Architecture of Automation Anywhere

The Automation Anywhere tool has a distributed architecture. This architecture is separated into three components, which are given below:

  • Bot Creators.
  • Bot Runners.
  • Control Room.

Both the Bot Creators and Bot runners components are connected to the control room. The control room is the brain of the Automation Anywhere architecture.

Architecture of Automation Anywhere
Figure: Architecture of Automation Anywhere.

Bot Creators

Bot creators are used for creating the bots. Bots are the desktop-based applications that are used to upload or download the bots and connect them to the control room. The Developer uses desktop-based applications to create Bots.

Multiple users can also create the bots, which are created and configured for the control room.

Bot Runner

The Bot Runner is responsible for the execution process of scheduled bots. Multiple bots are executed in a parallel way. They are not able to update or create Automation.

The component bot runner is also connected to the control room and has the authentication of sending the report back to the execution log status of the control room.

Control Room

The Control Room is a crucial component of the Automation Anywhere architecture. It is a web server that controls the bots are created by the bot creators. The control room also handles the Automation executed by the bot runners.

Control Room
Figure: The Control Room.

The control room ensures centralized management by submission of features such as centralized user management, automation deployment, and source control.

Types of Bots in Automation Anywhere

There are mainly three types of bots in Automation Anywhere which are given below:

1. Task Bot

2. Meta Bot

3. IQ Bot

Task Bots

The Task bots are the bots that automate the rule-based, repetitive task in various areas or fields such as document administrator, HR (Human Resource), claims management, and IT services. Task bot leads the immediate improvement in productivity, error reduction, and cost-saving.

Meta Bots

The Meta Bots are the automation building block. These bots are designed in such a way that users need to make minimal edits of the bot as per updates or changes in the application. It is the next type of bots present in the Automation Anywhere after the Task bots

The Meta bots are advanced as compare to task bots. These are used to automate the applications on the PC. The user creates Meta bots by using the application API's, Visual capture, and integration flow.

IQ Bots

The IQ bot is the advanced tool in Robotic Process Automation. It is capable of self-learning and performs the task as per the getting knowledge from self-learning. It provides Automation by using high advanced cognitive technology.

Figure: Types of Bots in Automation

The IQ bot works on the concept of organized and unstructured data. It uses a learning instance to train itself. These IQ bots use cognitive capabilities to extract the information from semi-structured data and unstructured data.

Advantage of Automation Anywhere

There are some advantages of Automation Anywhere that are given below:

  • Automation Anywhere tool reduces time to complete the tasks and ensures smooth and efficient system performance.
  • It reduces the manual cost of the task that will help the user to complete more tasks in less time by using fewer resources.
  • This tool provides quality, reliable results with the help of coordination and less manual intervention.
  • The Automation Anywhere ensures identical actions every time, producing the same level of user experience and quality. So, it maintains its consistency.
  • This tool decreases the number of manual tasks and saves employee time by adding some genuine values in business.
Advantage of Automation Anywhere
Figure: Advantage of Automation Anywhere.
  • Automation Anywhere tool ensures that important corporate processes are carried out 100% performance as per the industry standards

Application using Automation Anywhere

The applications of Automation Anywhere are used in several industries for different purposes. The industry or departments and its application by using Automation Anywhere are given below:

1. Financial / Accounting – Invoice processing, reporting, and auditing.

2. HR (Human Resource) Department – This department automates the task by using the PeopleSoft tool of management. Email notification and populating are also used in the HR department.

3. Operations / IT -- The Automation is used in this field for creating the accounts, software set-up, batch processing, and system integrations.

4. Sales Department – Create and print the invoices, add, modify, and remove the customer's data from CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

5. Marketing Industries – It utilizes the Automation for creating the lead generation reports and monitor the social sentiments.

6. Manufacturing Industries – The manufacturing industry uses Automation for inventory management purposes, excel Automation, and ERP integration.

7. Government Departments – These departments use Automation to the verification process, populating the subcontractor forms, and automate the daily reports.

8. Consumer Goods industry— They use Automation to process an order, data entry, claim to process, FTP automation, and incentive claim processing.

9. Hospitality Industry – These industries use Automation to analyze the price of competitors, guest data processing, data verification, and payment processing.

10. Retail Industries – Retail industries use Automation to gather the product details from the manufacturer's site, update online inventory, import the websites, and email sales.

11. Health care Departments – Health care departments use Automation for migrating patient’s data, guest data processing, data verification, and payment processing.

Why Automation Anywhere

There are some reasons to use Automation Anywhere tool that is given below:

1. Automation Anywhere eliminates the element of human error.

2. Any programming skill is not required in this tool. The user can record the actions or points with the help of Automation Anywhere.

3. This tool also increases the transaction speed and permits the user to save time and cost.

4. It also helps the user to automate the data transfer.

5. The Automation Anywhere tool is used to export or import the data between the files or applications.

6. It is one of the most popular RPA vendors that provides powerful and user-friendly RPA capabilities to automate complex tasks.