RPA Work Fusion

The RPA WorkFusion is a complete automation solution for global operations. It is a software-as-a-service (Saas) cloud computing platform.

The RPA platform uses crowd source workers to teach algorithms to automate the wide variety of knowledge work, financial services, e-commerce, and retail industries.

WorkFusion is the new technology to fill the data gap and manage the seasonal spikes. It automates the monitoring of databases and sources.

RPA Work Fusion

                             Figure: RPA Workfusion.

It also trains and manages crowdsourced workers from the global talent markets to the structure and validates announcements.

WorkFusion uses statistical quality control to ensure the accuracy of work output. It automates the applications by using the user interface.

WorkFusion makes the automation process easy by utilizing training models and machine learning algorithms.

This tool uses human actions and historical data to train the model. It also allows the quick judgment of automation work that can help the user to concentrate on their task.


WorkFusion was founded in 2010. It is raised by $2.3M via Greycroft Partners and RTP Ventures in 2011. The WorkFusion released its first platform product in 2012.

It is raised by $5M in 2013, with the help of RTP Ventures, Peak Opportunity partners, and Greycroft Partners. It has secured $15M series in 2014 via Greycroft Partners, iNovia Capital, and RTP Ventures.


There are some advantages of WorkFusion tool that are given below:

  • The Work fusion tool is not only used to automate the business process, but this tool also comes with intelligent automation.
  • Work fusion has a feature of analyzing the data so that the organizations can progress in the right direction.
  • The WorkFusion has the feature of pre-emptive control. The user can control the optimize bot performance in the process with the help of pre-emptive control.

This feature is handy to control the risk of artificial intelligence framework that includes differential privacy.

Pre-emptive control is mainly used to reduce the risk of threat bots or data and model exposure.

  • The Low code auto ML is also an advantage of RPA Work Fusion. The logic of low code auto ML makes machine learning more accessible. The training of automation bots has become easier by small code auto ML without any massive burden of labeling data.
RPA Work Fusion

                          Figure: Advantage of WorkFusion.

  • The real-time learning bot is an essential advantage of RPA Work Fusion. The Work Fusion bots can learn and adapt in real-time without desiring third-party tools, data scientists, or coding. It provides better reliability at a lower cost.
  • Another advantage of Work Fusion is the Unified platform. The traditional RPA relies on multiple external tools that must be managed, whereas a single platform helps to automate the range of processes and entire roles.
  • Work Fusion has the quality of the predictive analysis. The real-time predictive analysis shows how automation will perform and how the user will optimize automation. The user can improve efficiency and cost /capacity planning by this predictive analysis feature.
  • It has the feature of Workforce perceptions.  Work Fusion can monitor the entire process, teams, and operations. It provides helping drive with better decisions from the single dashboard.
  • Work Fusion also has a plug and play scalability. Since we can run it on the standard hardware without any additional programming, the automation has become more portable, repeatable, and more cost-effective across functions, business units, and geographies.
  • The centralized governance is also an advantage of Work Fusion. The existing operation protocols are carried into the automated processes to eliminate the silos of the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and ensure maximum control, compliance, and audibility. 


Followings are the main features of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Work Fusion:

  • Intelligent Robots
  • Robotics Governance
  • Intelligence analytics
  • Security of automation
  • Bot-Human Workflow
  • Intelligent Digitization of automation
RPA Work Fusion

                                   Figure: features of WorkFusion.


The RPA Work Fusion refers to intelligent automation. It is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool. It is a software as a service cloud platform that uses crowdsource workers to teach algorithms for automating the wide variety of knowledge work.

It is a complete automation solution for global operations, combining into one platform. The WorkFusion is a new way to fill the data gaps, manage seasonal spikes.

It automates the monitoring of databases and sources. It can train and manage the crowdsource workers from the global talent market to structure and validate announcements.