Top 15 ASP.NET MVC Framework Interview Questions for 2020

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1) What is ASP.NET MVC Framework?

ASP.NET MVC framework is a software architecture pattern for developing web applications. It is used to split the application’s implementation logic into three components: models, views, and controllers.

2) What is Model, Controller and View in ASP.NET MVC Framework?

Model: It is a business entity which is used to represent the application data.

View: It is the presentation layer of MVC.

Controller: Request sent by the user always scatters through controller and its responsibility is to redirect to the specific view using View () method.

3) What is the advantage of ASP.NET MVC Framework?

ASP.NET MVC Framework advantages are:

  • It segregates our project into a different segment and it becomes easy for developers to work on.
  • It is easy to edit or change some part of our project that makes project less development and maintenance cost.
  • It makes our project more systematic

4) What are the features of ASP.NET MVC Framework’s version 5.2.3 ?

There are various features of ASP.NET MVC Framework’s version 5.2.3 :

  • OSX and Linux Support
  • Self Hosting
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Tag Helpers
  • Unification of MVC and Web API Controllers.
  • Dependency Injection Framework.

5) What are the advantages and disadvantages of ASP.NET framework MVC Model?

It represents business logic and presentation logic.The model pattern is little complex
It’s object has different responsibilitiesInefficiency of data access in view
The development progresses in parallelIt is difficult to use MVC With modern user interface,
It is easy to manage and maintainwe need multiple programmers for parallel development
All classes and object are independent of each otherMultiple technologies knowledge is required

6) What are the steps for the execution of an ASP.NET MVC framework project?

There are few steps for execution of an ASP.NET MVC Framework project :

  • Receive first request for the application
  • Performs routing
  • Creates MVC request handler
  • Create Controller
  • Execute Controller
  • Invoke action
  • Execute Result

7) What is routing? What are the three important segments for routing?

Routing helps to decide a URL structure and map the URL with the Controller.

There are three important segment for routing:

  • ControllerName
  • ActionMethodName
  • Parameter

8) How can we maintain session in ASP.NET MVC Framework?

We can maintain session in ASP.NET MVC in three ways : tempdata, viewdata, and viewbag.

9) Explain how can we implement Ajax in ASP.NET MVC Framework?

In ASP.NET MVC Framework, Ajax can be implemented in two ways:

  • Ajax libraries
  • Jquery

10) What is the difference between TempData, ViewData and ViewBag?

  • TempData: It helps to maintain data when we shift from one controller to other controller.
  • ViewData: It helps to maintain data when we move from controller to view.
  • ViewBag: It is a dynamic wrapper around view data.

11) What is the difference between View and Partial View?

ViewPartial View
It contains the layout pageIt does not contain the layout page
Before any view is rendered, view start page is renderedPartial view does not verify for a viewstart.cshtml.
It has markup tags like body, html, head, title, meta etc.It is designed specially to render within the view. It does not consist any mark up.
It is not lightweight as compare to Partial ViewWe can pass a regular view to the Render Partial method

12) What are the types of result in ASP.NET MVC Framework?

In ASP.NET MVC Framework, there are various types of results in which “ActionResult” class is the main class while the other sub-types.

  • ViewResult
  • PartialViewResult
  • EmptyResult
  • RedirectResult
  • RedirectToRouteResult
  • JsonResult
  • JavaScriptResult
  • ContentResult
  • FileContentResult
  • FileStreamResult
  • FilePathResult

13) What is Razor View Engine?

Razor is an ASP.NET programming syntax. It is used to create dynamic web pages with the C# or Visual Basic .NET programming languages. Below is the sample of using Razor:

14) Which are the important namespaces used in ASP.NET MVC Framework?

In ASP.NET MVC Framework, important namespace are:

  • System.Web.Mvc
  • System.Web.Mvc.Ajax
  • System.Web.Mvc.Html
  • System.Web.Mvc.Async

15) What are the methods used to render the views in ASP.NET MVC Framework?

There are various methods used to render the views in ASP.NET MVC Framework:

View()It is used to return the view from action.
PartialView()It is used to return the partial view from action.
RedirectToAction()It is used to redirect the different action which can be in same controller or in different controller
Redirect()Similar to “Response.Redirect()” in web forms, used to redirect to specified URL
RedirectToRoute()Redirect to action from the specified URL but URL in the route table has been matched
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