1) What is Arduino?

Arduino is an open source electronic platform. It is based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It able to read input signal. It is used to write and upload the computer code to the physical board by using Arduino.

2) What is the stable version of Arduino software?

The stable version of Arduino software is 1.8.3 and released on 31 may 2017.

3) Who is the developer of Arduino?

Arduino is the developer of Arduino.

4) Why we should use Arduino?

We should use Arduino because of its features:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It runs on Cross platform.
  • Low cost
  • It is open source.

5) In which language Arduino software was written?

Arduino software was written in Java, C++ and c language.

6) What are the advantages of Arduino?

There are following features of Arduino:

  • It able to read analog or digital input signals.
  • We can control our functions.
  • It uses c and c++ programming language.

7) What are the IDE toolbar of Arduino?

There are following IDE toolbar of Arduino:

8) What is sketch in Arduino?

In Arduino, the first terminology is the program called sketch.

9) What are the three important parts of Arduino?

Arduino has three important parts: structure , values( variables and constants) and function.

10) What are the software structure functions?

There are two main software structure functions:

  • Setup( ) function
  • Loop( ) function

11) What is the use of operator in Arduino?

Operator is used to compile mathematical or logical functions.

12) How can we declare the functions?

We can declare the function by using given code:

13) Which function is used to find the length of string?

Strlen() functions is used to find the length of string.

14) How to convert string to upper case?

The my_str.toUpperCase() function is used to convert string to upper case.

15) What are the functions of time in Arduino?

In Arduino, there are four functions of time:

16) What are Libraries in Arduino?

In Arduino, Libraries are collection of code that makes it easy to connect to a sensor, display, module etc.

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