DOJO Interview Questions

tutorial and example
tutorial and example

1) What is DOJO?

DOJO is an open source JavaScript framework designed for very fast development of JavaScript/AJAX based application and websites having cross platform interdependencies.

2) Enlist all features of DOJO.

  • Widgets e.g. Menus, Sorted Tables, 2-D vector drawing etc.
  • Asynchronous Communication – It is the main feature of AJAX due to which information is exchanged and updated but page is not refreshed.
  • Packaging System – It provides modular development of functionality in individual or sub packages.
  • Client-Side Data Storage – Dojo Storage provides web-apps to store client side data in browsers.
  • Server-Side Data Storage – It implements under namespace. Example- Csv Store, Opmi Store, Yahoo Store, Delicious Store, Rdf Store.

3) Give the architecture of DOJO.

  • dojo
  • dijit
  • dojox
  • util
  • dgrid
  • gridx

4) Explain Directory structure of DOJO.

It contains three specific files

  • /index.html- Starting point of Application.
  • /app- Application Module.
  • /app/main.js – Script for Application Module.

5) List the advantages of DOJO.

  • Regular Expression
  • Associative Array
  • Object and Classes
  • Loosely typed variables

6) List the disadvantages of DOJO.

  • Loading – Initial version was said to be bulky and slow to load but in version Dojo 1.7 have Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) and nano loader which solved this issue.
  • Documentation – It has incomplete, scattered and outdated documentation which was improved when Dojo 1.8 release.
  • Learning Curve – It is difficult to learn as in comparison with jQuery.
  • Browser Support – Only limited browser supports Dojo.

7) Define Dijit and DojoX?

  • Dijit – It is an UI library of Dojo having namespace dijit. It requires Dojo Core and Dojo Base which provide the users to re-use the widgets.
  • DojoX -It contains utilities, classes and widgets that are not yet ready for inclusion in the main Dojo library.

8) Name the resources widget contains.

It contains two resources:

  • .js file: in this logic of the widget is stored.
  • HTML Snippet: Presentation of widget is shown.

9) List component of DOJO Framework.

  • DOJO LIST BOX etc.

10) Difference between DOJO and jQuery.

DOJO jQuery
It is a java script framework. It is a java script library.
High network bandwidth requires. Works good in low network bandwidth.
Few browser supports. Almost all browser supports.
It has built-in function. It has plug-in.

11) Enlist Dijit layout widgets.

  • Border Container
  • Split Container
  • Stack Container
  • Tab Container
  • Content Pane
  • Link Pane

12) What are the condition necessary for a function that record callback?

  • DOM should be ready.
  • All the modules of requested code have completed loading.
  • Higher priority function should be executed first.

13) What are modules in DOJO?

In Dojo, Modules are individual codes that can be loaded separately. They are identified using a string that is similar to the file path where the code is defined. Example: my/module/class.

14) Describe Language Libraries in DOJO.

It is the wrapper for common idioms which consist of functional programming API’s


  1. dojo.lang.*

Example: dojo.lang.forEach,, dojo.lang.assert.

15) Difference between AJAX and DOJO?

Ajax is a technology like XML whereas Dojo is a JavaScript framework also the binding techniques in Dojo are under its abstraction layer.

16) Define Widget Toolkit in Dojo?

Widget is a user interface object that has a layout. In Dojo widgets are HTML+CSS bound JavaScript. Example: Tabs, Dialogue, Sorting Table etc.

17) Describe Environment Specific Libraries in Dojo?

  • Libraries provide routines for handling the environment.
  • Consist of svg, html, style and dom packages.
  • Provides some methods for arrange HTML document.
  • There are also methods for handling DOM trees and SVG models.
  • Those routines extend existing routines.

18) Write a code for widget in Dojo?

  1. <script>
  2.                dojo.require(?dojo.widget.Editor2?);
  3. </script>
  4. <!– … –>
  5. <textarea dojoType=?Editor2?>
  6.     …
  7. </textarea>

19) Describe Package System in Dojo?

Package System includes only needed files. Each JavaScript file can be named as package dojo.provide(dojo.string).

20) Explain Event System in Dojo?

Event system notifies when other function is called. Any DOM object can be connected to any function dojo.event.connect(”id”, ”onClick”, listenerObj, ”handleOnClick”);.

21) Describe Application Support Libraries in Dojo?

Application Support Libraries consist of routines where IO package provides routines e.g. for AJAX binding. There is also some useful routines in logging, storage and animation packages

22) Describe Package System in Dojo?

Package System includes only needed files. Each JavaScript file can be named as package dojo.provide(dojo.string).