1) What is Ember.js?

Ember.js is a JavaScript front-end Framework. It provides developer both features for managing complexity in modern web-apps as well as integrated development kit.

2) Why choose Ember.js?

  • Logical Code Organisation
  • Easy Persistence
  • Auto-Updating Templates
  • Helpful Object APIs

3) Enlist the components of Ember.js.

  • Model
  • View
  • Controller
  • Router
  • Component
  • Templates

4) Enlist the features of Ember.js.

  • It is an Open Source JavaScript Framework.
  • Application developed is smaller in size.
  • Very flexible framework.
  • Data binding is fully supported which creates the link between two properties.

5) Define Object system in Ember.js?

It has its own object system which is “Ember.Object”. All other object extends Ember.Object.

Example: var user= Ember.Object.create();

6) What is router in Ember.js?

Router provides the translation of URL’s irrespective of how they are set. Ember router then maps the current URL to one or more route handlers.

7) Define Handlebars Basics in Ember.js?

Ember.js uses Handlebars templating library to improve the UI designed by HTML.

Example: application.hbs -> {{firstName}} {{lastName}} !

8) Define Component in Ember.js?

Ember.js Component is designed to implement W3C custom element specification. It allows us to create re-usable element within our application. Component must have single dash in their name.

Example: blog-post, audio-player-control etc.

9) Give the structure of Ember.js.

In Ember.js application is structured according.

  • Model– In this data is defined that is used in application.
  • View– It provides user interaction where user can modify the query and edit the data.
  • Controller– It captures user action and displays the data.

10) Explain controller in Ember.js.

Controller is a specialized type of component that is rendered by the router. It receives a single property from route and returns it value through route’s method().

11) Difference between router and route?

Router is a connecting point between application and browser address.

Route specifies the part where the user request will come after it was translated by Router.

12) What is the use of Ember-Data?

Ember– Data acts as a library which retrieves data from server. It then stores and update in a browser then saves back onto the server.

13) Give the use and types of adapter.

Adapter is used Query the Back-End, It is of two types

  • Rest Adapter– It deals with JSON APIs
  • LS Adapter– It deals with Local Storage

14) What is the use of Model?

It is a class that defines the properties and behaviour of the data which can also be represented to the user. To display the user requirement at the time when they refresh or leave the app and come back later is done through model.

15) Define View Object in Ember.js?

It is a very important object of view. It is a wrapper of a template which consist of all the JavaScript to be executed in a template.

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