Java Tutorial for Beginners

What is Java Programming Language?

Java Programming is an object-oriented, robust, secured and platform-independent programming language which is used to develop console, window, web, enterprise and mobile applications.

Java Hello World Example



Compile By:


Run By:

java HelloWorldJava

Core Java Tutorial Index


  • Java Features
  • Java History
  • Java Platforms
  • Java Editions
  • First Java Program
  • Java Development Kit
  • Java Runtime Environment
  • Java Virtual Machine
  • Difference between JDK, JRE, and JVM
  • Memory Areas in Java
  • How to install Java on CentOS 7
  • How to install Java on Ubuntu 18.04
  • How to install Java on Windows 10
  • How to set path of Java on Windows 10
  • How to set path of Java on CentOS 7
  • How to set path of Java on Ubuntu 18.04
  • Java Operators
  • Java Keywords

Java Variables and Data Types

Java Loops

Java OOPs Concepts

Java Math

Java Strings

Java Exceptions

Garbage Collection


  • Multithreading in Java
  • Java Thread Life cycle
  • How to Create Thread in Java
  • Java Runnable interface
  • Java Thread class
  • Synchronization in Java




Java Collections

Java Conversion

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