Java Tutorial

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What is Java?

Java is an object-oriented, robust, secured and platform-independent programming language. With the help of Java Programming, we can develop console, window, web, enterprise and mobile applications.

Java language was developed in 1995 by James Gosling who is known as the father of Java. The first version of Java released on 23rd January, 1996.

There are three editions of Java: Java SE (Java Standard Edition), Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition), and Java ME (Java Micro Edition).

Java Hello World Example



Compile By:


Run By:

java HelloWorldJava

Core Java Tutorial Index


Java Loops

Java Programs

  • Java Programs
  • Factorial Program in Java
  • Fibonacci Series Program in Java
  • Prime Number Program in Java
  • Palindrome Number Program in Java
  • Armstrong Number Program in Java
  • Anagram Program in Java

Java Sorting

  • Sorting Algorithms in Java
  • Merge Sort in Java
  • Quick Sort in Java
  • Bubble Sort in Java
  • Insertion Sort in Java
  • Selection Sort in Java
  • Heap Sort in Java
  • Radix Sort in Java
  • Topological Sort in Java
  • Bucket Sort in Java
  • Counting Sort in Java

Java OOPs Concepts

Java Strings

Java Exceptions

Garbage Collection


Java IO

  • Java IO
  • Java Read File
  • Java Write to File
  • Java FileReader
  • Java BufferedReader
  • Java FileWriter
  • Java BufferedWriter
  • Java InputStreamReader
  • Scanner in Java
  • Java StringReader
  • Java StringWriter
  • Java PrintWriter
  • Java File
  • Java Read File Line By Line
  • Java FileInputStream
  • Java FileOutputStream
  • Java Create File
  • Java Delete File
  • Java Open File
  • Java Read File to String
  • Java Copy File
  • Java Append to File
  • Java Read CSV File
  • Java Read JSON File
  • Jar File in Java
  • Java RandomAccessFile
  • Java Rename File
  • Java Create Directory
  • Java Delete Directory
  • Java FileNotFoundException




  • Java AWT


Java Collections

Java Generics

  • Generics in Java

Java Annotations

  • Annotations in Java


  • Java JDBC Tutorial
  • JDBC Drivers
  • Java Database Connectivity with MySQL
  • Java Database Connectivity with Oracle

Java Differences

  • Java vs JavaScript
  • Python vs Java
  • Kotlin vs Java
  • Java vs C++
  • C# vs Java
  • Java Float vs Double
  • Scala vs Java
  • Go vs Java
  • Java extends vs implements
  • Node.js vs Java
  • Static vs Non-static in Java
  • C vs Java
  • int vs Integer in Java
  • Java vs JavaScript
  • Java Protected vs Private
  • .Net vs Java
  • Stack vs Heap in Java
  • Java Array vs ArrayList
  • Java SE vs EE
  • Class vs Object in Java

Java Servlet Tutorial

Java JSP Tutorial

Hibernate Tutorial

Spring Tutorial

Spring MVC Tutorial

Jenkins Tutorial

Java Math Methods

Java String Methods

Java Conversion

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