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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020

1. Augmented Reality

This is one of the most fascinating technology nowadays. Augmented Reality is the use of text, graphics, audio, etc. in real time. In Simple words, AR is used when digital information is overlaid onto the actual physical world.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020

Your Camera detects the target image and figures out how close or far and at what angle the target image is from the camera using sensors and then projects digital information onto that target image.

It adds digital elements to the live view by using the camera on the smart phone.

Snapchat filters are the basic examples of Augmented Reality.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020

Some of the earliest uses of the Augmented Reality are:

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020

Heads-up Displays on the fighter jets allowing pilots to see important information projected in front of them on their windshields. This technology is now also used in Automobiles and Eye glasses like Google glass.

2. Virtual Agents

Virtual Agent also called ChatBot, Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA), and Virtual Rep. Virtual Agents are the software designed to have conversations with the user without the help of humans. These Virtual Agents are developed by using Artificial Intelligence Algorithm that scrutinize user’s queries and recognize them and gives reply to the query. The system uses Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation for the communication between the virtual agent and users.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020

The most famous chatbots are Alexa and Google Assistant. They are nowadays used by every organization for customer care support services.

3. Industrial IOT

It stands for the Industrial Internet of Things. Industrial IOT means the extension of IOT and the use of IOT in Industrial sectors. Internet of Things is the network of physical objects like microcontrollers, sensors, software, and other technologies that are embedded together and are able to exchange data to other devices and systems over the internet.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020

The IIOT basically means an industrial network of a large number of devices which are synchronized with the help of software tools. And, applications of IIOT include Medical devices, Robots, and many more.

This technology has reduced human errors and increased efficiency. This technology is being used by advanced industries and thus it is one of the most trending technologies in Artificial Intelligence.

4. Digital Twin

Digital Twin means creating a virtual duplicate of a physical product. For example, creating the virtual duplicates of a Car, a Bridge, and Airplane etc. Digital Twin uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Software Analytics with Data to create Digital Simulation models. They update and change as their physical parts are changed.

These Digital Twins can be created even before creating the actual physical model. It helps in getting the proper and best analysis of the physical model due to the consistent flow of data, which further helps in optimizing the model.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020

In more complex tasks and Analysis, Digital Twin gives Data Scientists and other IT Professionals the ability to get better insights into the data and optimize it to get better efficiency and get better predictions. Digital Twin is one of the most important assets in the business sectors. Major Applications of Digital Twins are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automobile
  • Retail
  • HealthCare
  • Smart Cities
  • Industrial IOT

5. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation manages the processes and multifunctional tasks automatically. Basically, it refers to the software platforms and technologies which are specifically designed for marketing organizations to automate repetitive tasks like market products, which can be done by emails, social media platforms, and websites.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020

Artificial Intelligence is being used to automate work and increase efficiency and save time. Tasks like automated customer segmentation, product recommendation, and campaign management are being done using AI driven tools. Marketing Automation with AI allows the organization to understand who are the potential customers and also enhance customer satisfaction.

6. Decision Management

Decision management allows businesses to make decision management by using certain tools and techniques, they go beyond predictive and descriptive analysis to give the best judgement and conclusion that solves the problem, it is a part of prescriptive analytics, which allows organizations to model operational decisions and automatically trigger a response.

The Decision management system uses Artificial Intelligence. AI techniques provide reliable insights into the data, and those techniques can be further used for making decisions and predictions.

7. Cyber Defense

An Artificial Intelligent System could be able to detect software bugs and prevent any vulnerabilities by performing self-patching or any other response immediately and efficiently. AI system in Cyber Defense can strengthen communications and help in preventing cyber threats by detecting any vulnerabilities in the early stages while the cyber experts suggest that the human integration system must be present in the AI cyber security system.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020

AI cyber security systems are capable of performing efficiently whenever a cyber-operation is required to be fast. It is also a really powerful tool in increasing the efficiency of malware detection rates with the use of cyber intelligence data.

8. Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing basically focuses on the communication between human and computer systems. Natural Language Processing or NLP is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence in which different techniques are used to understand the human language and convert it into meaningful information that can be understood by the algorithm or system.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020

Various applications where NLP is being used are ChatBots, Sentiment Analysis, Customer Service, and many more.

9. Emotion Recognition

Emotion Recognition is one of the most trending technologies in Artificial Intelligence. It is basically a process of identifying the emotions of the human. And Human emotions can be detected through facial expression and text by using Computer Vision and NLP. Emotion Recognition is really helpful in different domains like Facebook which is using Emotion Recognition to detect cyber bullying.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020

10. AI Bio-Metrics

Bio-Metrics is the technology for the person identification through various parts of the body like face, fingerprint, Iris scan, etc. And with the help of the Artificial Intelligence, bio-metrics system can be made efficient and fast. AI and Bio-metric ID can work together in the following ways:

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2020
  • AI-Powered Keystroke Dynamics
  • AI-Powered Facial Recognition
  • AI-Powered Voice Recognition
  • AI-Powered Gait Detection