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What is Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) Artificial Satellites Top 7 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning trends for 2022 8 best topics for research and thesis in artificial intelligence 5 algorithms that demonstrate artificial intelligence bias AI and ML Trends in the World AI vs IoT

What is Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Before starting with Artificial Super Intelligence, first, we have to know what Artificial Intelligence is. Artificial Intelligence is a field which has a long history. Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines that perform the same function as human beings, like problem-solving, learning, reasoning and recognizing. The guiding principle of Artificial Intelligence is to concerning with human beings in reason, vision and speech. In today's world, the amount of data is generated by both machines and human beings. Recently Artificial Intelligence has created a lot of advantages for human beings. So much research is happening in all fields like computer vision, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of things, robotics and many more.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Artificial Super Intelligence is a term which refers to that time when the Artificial Intelligence computer will overcome the human brain. The Artificial Intelligence system has been serving since 1970. Artificial Super Intelligence will take computers one step further and make the laptop super intelligent than a human being. It is a software-based system with the power to overcome human beings. With the help of Artificial Super Intelligence, the machine can think that abstraction that human being is impossible to do because the human being has limited thinking ability. The multi-faceted human behaviour intelligence has replicated the concept of Artificial Intelligence that cannot understand human emotions. It is possible for Artificial Super Intelligence systems to understand this functionality. Artificial Super Intelligence would be so far better in the case of whatever we do, whether it would be medicine, arts, science, sports, marketing strategy or the thinking ability of human beings. Artificial Super Intelligence has a great memory by which it can process and analyze data significantly faster. Due to this, we would give all the problem-solving responsibility to Artificial Super Intelligence. Scientists and engineers are also trying to develop wholly artificial intelligence computers, but the computer has the limited capacity of human beings.

Scientists and engineers surprisingly developed Artificial Super Intelligence like Siri, but the computer is still not an Artificial Super Intelligence. But according to the achievement, there is a chance of computers becoming artificial super intelligence later. The expert says that Artificial Super Intelligence will possibly be fully developed in the computer system by the upcoming years. There is a book named super intelligence has written by the scientist Nick Bostrom. He started the book by writing "The Unfinished Fable of Sparrow". The idea behind it is the sparrow wanted to control the owl as a pet. All the experts are highly impressed with that idea. This concern was dismissed by thinking that "we will deal with the problem when it is a problem". Elon Musk has similar thinking regarding Artificial Super Intelligence. Then the controlling problem arises because we might have only one chance to solve it if a problem arises. 

The current state of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is so far from becoming Super Artificial Intelligence. The truth is that most artificial intelligence systems can do one thing at a particular time. Artificial Super Intelligence is a thing in future which can perform many things at a specific time. There is two recent Artificial intelligence projects that can perform multitasking. These two projects are transfer learning and multitasking learning. 

Developing Artificial Super Intelligence

All the experts and researchers are trying to make Artificial intelligence more intelligent. It will get smart and thoughtful as time goes on. The first step towards Artificial Super Intelligence is to improve computer capacity. Simulating the human brain in a robot requires so much dedication to the numerous effects. Genetic engineering will play a vital role in our lives in future. Genetic engineering will lead to finding the cure for deadly diseases. However, research is undergoing to make artificial intelligence super artificial intelligence. Machines with super intelligence power can perform so many things that may not be possible by artificial intelligence computers. Artificial Super Intelligence can perform, analyze and simulate the environment quickly. As a result, problem-solving skills and decision-making will be more accurate than human beings. But the current scenario is that artificial super intelligence theoretically possible but not practically. 

Advantages of Artificial Super Intelligence

There are some benefits of Artificial Super Intelligence. These benefits are as follows:

  1. Reduction in human error
  2. Replace the human to accomplish risky tasks
  3.  24x7 availability
  4. Explore new science frontiers
  5. Advancement of medical facilities