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Top 7 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning trends for 2022

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to perform the same function as human beings, like problem-solving, learning, reasoning and recognizing. Machine Learning is another branch of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence whose main work is to learn human working process using data and algorithms.

AI and ML are two techniques that are going to change our life that we never expected. According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, “In the future, AI will take the lead and change our lives by reforming many industries, including healthcare, education, and manufacturing”.

By looking in the field of medicine and space exploration, we found how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the world. Recently Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have some development, and 2022 will be the year of achievement when Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will launch some new technologies. To take benefit from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the IT and business leader will need to develop a separate strategies. 2021 has been an important year for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and 2022 will also be a remarkable year for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Some new technologies which are going to launch in 2022 are as follows:

1. Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)

Automated Machine Learning is the process of developing a time-consuming Machine Learning model. With the help of automated Machine Learning, the scientists and the developers build Machine Learning models with large scale and high efficiency. CEO of AI Clearing, Micheal Mazur, once said, “Automated Machine Learning has two aspects which will be improved tools for leveling data and the automatic turning of neural net architecture”.

For low-cost countries like India, there is a need for leveled data to create a leveling industry. Offshore labor is associated with risk that pushes the market in a different way of lowering the part of the process. By the time of use of the traditional Machine Learning model, it requires a piece of domain knowledge. With the help of Automated Machine Learning, the time for the production of the model is accelerating. Azure Machine Learning offers the use of automated Machine Learning. Azure Machine Learning has python SDK. Some example of a model that uses automated Machine Learning is: MLOps and DATAOps.

2. AI-enable concept design

The best use of Artificial Intelligence is to use it in the finance, medical and retail industry. But recently, two models have been developed by OpenAI, and these two models are DALL.E and CLIP. Both are used to combine language and image and then generate a new type of visual design from a text. The first phase of designing is conceptual design. It comes up with a proposal that contains all the functions. The main concern of Artificial Intelligence is knowledge of the application. There are three directions of reasoning.

These are as follows:

  • Reasoning by logic.
  • Reasoning by learning.
  • Reasoning by analogy.

Expert systems follow a rule-based expert technology. Reasoning by analogy is a useful method for the characteristics of conceptual design. With the help of the expert system, the domain knowledge gets formalized into simple rules. But unfortunately, this system cannot be worked. Reasoning by learning can be operated with an Artificial Neural Network. An artificial Neural Network is a connection of a network of nodes which are connected by other connections.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning augmented hyper-automation

Hyperautomation is the automation with one step more. It helps the organization and the industries to function their process automated. Some examples of hyper-automation are AI and ML, RPA. In 2022, more organizations will adopt the strategy of automation. Already due to Covid19 pandemic, all organizations know the value of automation. According to the UIPath, “Hyperautomation is the utilization of advance technology”. The hyper-automation process begins with the first step of RPA, which is abbreviated as Robotic Process Automation. Robotic Process Automation is a software technology which is used to make the software for the process of automation. Its main work is to enhance the work of employees by interacting with websites and desktop applications. With the help of Robotic Process Automation, organizations are more profitable and flexible. Obtaining Artificial Intelligence with the Robotic Process Automation it created a virtually enabled automation for the business user.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Injected in Cybersecurity

The protection of hardware, software and data which are connected to the internet is called cybersecurity. In 2022, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will also be implemented in the field of cybersecurity to prevent unauthorized access to data. Nowadays, hackers are so powerful that they use the more dangerous technique to attack the organization. With the help of the internet, they lunch these dangerous techniques. The hackers always theft the data from the organization, and then the organization's privacy is compromised. When there is a cyberattack happens on an organization, then the organization collapses. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that they enhanced cybersecurity and protected the organization. Since Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning learns the organization's environment, Artificial Intelligence takes charge of data protection in the virtual world. In 2022, all organization is going to make utilization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to protect their data from hackers. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to take charge and provide protection from cyber-attacks. It analyzes the cyber thread and provides protection.

5. Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Billions of computers are interconnected with each other through the internet is referred to as the Internet of Things or IoT. Internet of Things can present in starting from refrigerators to a smart robots working in a company. In 2022, the Internet of Things is already started expanding its technology. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Internet of Things is going to expand its technology rapidly. In 2022, there will be an increase in the popularity of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. There is a survey organised by the SADA system, which states that the combination of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence has increased its popularity worldwide. There are some benefits of a combination of AI and IoT, and these are as follows

  • It boosts operational efficiency.
  • It has better risk management.
  • It triggers new products.
  • It increases the scalability of the Internet of Things.

An example of the combination of the Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the manufacturing of robots, self-driving cars, smart solutions etc. 

6. Metaverse with AI

Metaverse provides a 3D platform in the future for the communication of human beings, culture etc. It was first used by Neil Stevenson in the year of 1982. It is a virtual space where we can explore with other people. In 2022, when we see there is an increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, then the Metaverse is adopting its use of it. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to play an important role in the field of the Metaverse. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Metaverse is going to create a virtual world which is accurate to the real world. The attribute of the virtual world is accurate in it. The main aim of Artificial Intelligence in the field of the Metaverse is to support it. Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse are the combination of mixed reality, augmented reality and virtual reality. The Metaverse is going to adopt Artificial Intelligence and its algorithm. Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse combined make some applications. These applications are as follows.

  • Perfectly creating of avatar for the user.
  • A digital human being.

Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse commonly create the virtual world for a more interactive user experience.

7. Neural language processing and Artificial Intelligence

Neural language processing is used to interact with the intelligent system in the English language, which is also called natural language. When we want an intelligent system to perform work on our command, then processing of natural language is required. There are one input and output system used in neural language processing. These are speech and written text. There are two main components of neural language processing, and these are as follows.

  • Mapping the input in natural language.
  • Analyzing different languages.

Some example of neural language processing is Cortana, Alexa, Google assistant etc.

In 2022, the combination of Artificial Intelligence with neural language processing is going to bring a lot of change.