Photoshop Tutorial

Our Photoshop tutorial is designed for learning the Photoshop image manipulation tool easily. It is designed for beginners and professionals. This tutorial is useful for photographers, graphic designers and other professionals.

This Photoshop tutorial included photo editing, painting, logo designing, and other advanced photography and editing tasks. Further, it includes useful tips and tricks for editing photos.

Each topic in this tutorial has a maximum number of annotated images. We have started this tutorial from scratch so that you can learn it easily.

What is Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best photo editing tools developed by Adobe. Thomas and John Knoll originally built the app in 1988. Since then, the software has been the best tool for photo editing and graphics designing in the market. Photoshop offers various features such as working with layers, working with masks; it also offers a range of colors to choose from and create your masterpiece art. All of these features are supported by its own extensions, that is, PSD and PSB file formats. Photoshop is now available for almost all the devices out there. It is available for the major operating systems like Windows, MacOS and Android as well.

Initially, Photoshop was numbered based on its version numbers. But in October 2002, the Creative Suite branding came into existence and hence the numbering system of  Photoshop was modified. From October 2002, photoshop was given a new naming system, and that was ‘ CS followed by a number. ‘. This naming system for photoshop continued for some time; but again, in June 2013, the naming system was changed due to the introduction of the Creative Cloud branding. After introducing the Creative Cloud branding, the CS in the name was replaced by the word CC. Besides Photoshop, several other photo editing software is released by Adobe Inc, like Photoshop Express, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop elements etc.

Photoshop Tutorial

You can also play with different videos and 3D graphics with the help of photoshop. However, the features of Photoshop can be significantly extended with the help of plug-ins that are developed and distributed by various developers and can be supported by the Photoshop software to provide various enhanced and helpful features. The Adobe Photoshop software installer generally comes with another photo editing tool embedded in it, known as Adobe ImageReady.

After installing Photoshop, a variety of tools appear on a sidebar with multiple image editing tools. The sidebar is generally available on the left part of the screen. The tools come under various categories like Retouching tools, Painting tools, Drawing tools, Measuring and Navigation tools etc. We have listed down some popular tools that are available for image editing in Photoshop software.

1. Clone Stamp tool: It is used for creating a duplicate of any one part of the image on another part of the current image with the help of a brush.

2. Pen tool: Photoshop software offers a variety of pen tools for different purposes. Some pen tools can be used to draw or write something on the images, while some pen tools can be used to draw certain paths on the image, which can later be manipulated by the user.

3. Shape tools: Several shape tools are available in the Photoshop-like lines, squares, rectangles and rounded rectangles etc. The shapes drawn with the help of this tool can also be manipulated by the user through some different tools.

4. Selection tools: There are different selection tools available in the toolbar, which can select the entire image or just a part of the image. This tool can be used to perform certain tasks on the selected image or part of the image like cut, copy operations along with some retouching functions.

5. Crop tool: This tool is mainly used to reduce the image to a selected portion selected by the user. Cropping tools offer various tools like rectangular cropping or freehand cropping. This tool discards the portion of the image, which is not being selected.

6. Eyedropper tool: This tool is used in selecting a color from any part of the image. The color that is picked with the help of this tool can be saved for future usage.

7. Zoom tool: This tool can be used to zoom in and zoom out on any specific area of the image. With the help of this tool, the user can see the minute details of the image.

8. Hand tool: The Hand tool helps the user navigate through the different sections of the image. The user can navigate to any part of the picture by dragging the hand tool in any direction.

9. Lasso tool: The lasso tool can be used to make a freehand selection in the image. The Lasso tool is basically of three types:

i) Regular lasso ii) Polygon lasso iii) Magnetic lasso.

The magnetic lasso tool is extremely helpful in selecting the outline of an image.

10. Eraser tool: As the name suggests, the eraser tool is used to erase a part of any image based on the active layer. It can also be used to remove the changes made by the drawing or the pen tool.

Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Index

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  6. Draw shapes in Photoshop
  7. Crop an Image to Frame
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  10. Outline the Text

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