Applications of Computer Graphics

Applications of Computer Graphics

Some applications of computer graphics are mentioned below-

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI): It is a way of interacting with a computer using the icon, menu, and other visual, graphics by which user easily interacts. 
  • Art: Computer Graphics provides a new way of making designs. Many artists and designers use illustrator, coral draw, Photoshop, adobe muse, and other types of applications for creating new designs.
  • Entertainment: Computer graphics allow the user to make animated movies and games. Computer graphics are used to create scenes. Computer graphics are also used for special effects and animations.
  • Presentations: Computer graphics are used for making charts, bar diagrams, and other images for the presentation purpose, with the graphical presentation the user, can easily understand the points.
  • Engineering Drawings: Computer Graphics has also provided us the flexibility to make 3D models, house circuits and engineering drawings, etc. which is helpful for us.
  • Education and Training: Computer graphics are also used to provide training to students with simulators. The students can learn about the machines without physically trying them.
  • Medical Imaging: MRIs, CT scans, and other internal scans are possible because of computer graphics.
  • Flight Simulator: Computer graphic is used to provide training to pilots of aircraft. The pilots give much time to a flight simulator on the ground instead of real airplanes.
  • Printing Technology: Computer graphics are used in textile designing and flex printing.
  • Typography: Use of character pictures to replace the rough form of the past in printing.
  • Satellite Imaging: Computer graphics are used to forecast the movement of the cloud and to predict the weather.
  • Cartography: Computer graphics are used in map drawing.
  •  CAD/CAM: CAD/CAM is also known as Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. CAD/CAM is used to design and build prototypes, finished products, and manufacturing processes.

Advantages of Computer graphics

 Some important benefits of Computer graphics are: 

  • Increase Productivity
  • Computer graphics give us tools for creating pictures of solid objects as well as of theoretical, engineered objects.
  • Computer graphics also point out the moving images.
  • The computer can store complex drawings and display complex pictures.
  • Sound cards are used to make computers produce sound effects led to other uses of graphics.

Disadvantages of Computer graphics: Some problems with computer graphics are:

  • Hardware characteristics and cost.
  • Technical issues.
  • Coupling issues (display-to-simulation).
  • Define the motion.
  • Structure of drawings (making the structure explicit).
  • Hidden line removal.
  • Program instrumentation and visualization.