HTML5 Tags

HTML5 Tags

A list of newly included tags is provided in HTML5. These HTML 5 tags (elements) provide a better structure for the document. This list shows description of all HTML 5 tags in alphabetic order.

List of HTML5 Tags

<aside>It specifies that the article is slightly related to the rest of the entire page.
<article>This concept is used in a document to describe an individual piece of content that could be a blog, a magazine, or a newspaper article.
<audio>Audio tags are used in HTML to play audio.
<bdi>This bdi stands for bi-directional isolation, which isolates a part of the text that is formatted in a direction from an external text document.
<canvas>It is used to draw the canvas.
<data>It offers readable machine version of its data.
<detalist>It provides a text field auto-complete feature.
<details>It specifies the required information to be used by the user.
<dialog>It defines one of the dialog boxes or a window.
<figcaption>The <figure> element is used to define captions.
<footer>It defines a footer section
<figure>It defines the photos, diagrams, etc. It is a self-contained material.
<header>It defines a header section.
<mark>It pecifies the content that has been marked or highlighted.
<meter>It is used for measuring the value of the scalar within a given range.
<nav>It is used in the document to define the navigation connection.
<progress>It specifies the progress of the work.
<rp>It defines what to show in a browser that does not support sapphire annotation.
<rt>It determines the characters explanation / pronunciation.
<ruby>It defines the annotation of ruby along with < rp > and < rt>.
<section>In the document it describes a section.
<summary>It specifies the visible heading for < detailed> item.
<svg>It is used to show the shapes.
<time>It is used to define date / time.
<video>It is used to play the HTML video file.
<wbr>It defines the possible line break.

HTML <! DOCTYPE> tag       

In the HTML document, you will often see the <html> tag <! DOCTYPE is html> declaration. HTML is a <! DOCTYPE > tag, which is used to notify the user about the HTML version used in the text. It's called declaration of form of document (DTD).

Technically, <! DOCTYPE > is not a tag / element, it is just a browser instruction on the type of document. It is a null element that does not contain the closing tag and any content within it. There are actually many types of HTML e.g. HTML 4.01 Transitional, 4.01 Frameset, HTML 4.01 Strict, XHTML 1.0 Transitional, XHTML 1.0 Frameset, XHTML 1.0 Strict, XHTML 1.1 etc.

The <! DOCTYPE > declaration refers to Document type Declaration (DTD) in HTML 4.01; since HTML 4.01 was SGML based. But HTML 5 is not language based on SGML.


<! DOCTYPE html>

There are following are some specification about the html <! DOCTYPE>

End tag or start tagStart tag only

Let's see an example of doctype declaration HTML document.

<title>Title web page</title>
<body>It is the content of the document.</body>


HTML5 Tags