In computer graphics, the term “Zoom is referred as a function, focuses on a particular portion or part of an image and also enlarging the image’s size for greater details.”

In windows in GUI (Graphical user interface), the term “zoom can be defined as the maximization of the size of the image.” In Apple computers, we use a box to increase the size of the window or image called “Zoom box.” The process of zooming represents the pixels instead of scan lines.

There are following zooming processes:

  • Zoom In: It is aprocess to compress the size of an image. It is also called “Minimization.”
  • Zoom Out: It is a process to expandor increase the size of an image. It is also known as “Maximization.”

We can zoom in 1600% an image of the original size of the image.                               

Optical Zoom

In a digital camera, the zoom is a feature. It uses optics in the lens to zoom in the size of any object in the image without moving closer. The digital camera is also having a concept of digital zoom. Digital zoom uses digital technology to get closer shots. It is actually beyond the capabilities of the camera lens. A digital zoom has 300x zooms in capability.

How to Use Zoom In and Zoom Out

Some programs and browsers allow us to use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and zoom out an image and a web page also.

Ctrl + Plus key =   To zoom in the image or web page.

Ctrl + Minus key =   To zoom out the image or web page.

Ctrl + 0 =   To reset zoom of an image or web page to default size.

Difference between digital zoom and optical zoom

In Digital Zoom-

  • It crops the image and zoom in the selected portion of the image
  • Sometimes it results in the loss of quality.

In Optical Zoom-

  • The focal length and magnification of the lens are changed when it is zoom in.
  • It results in high zooming quality with a zooming range.

Advantages of Optical Zoom

  1. Adjustable focal length.
  2. Provide a zoom ring on the lens.

Disadvantages of Optical Zoom

  1. Difficult to maintain.
  2. Sometimes susceptible due to dust and bad weather.