Obtaining Free Test Ethers for the Rinkeby Test Network on the Ethereum Blockchain

On the Ethereum Blockchain network, each of us must pay a fee known as gas in order to conduct a transaction or carry out a contract. Therefore, on the Ethereum network, gas often represents the internal cost of operating a transaction or contract.

Every time a transaction (for development purposes) or any contract is to be implemented on the local Blockchain, MetaMask displays a prompt with the requested transaction, the Gas price (which is very low), and any additional Ether amounts that may need to be sent. Test ethers will be used to pay for these prompts. An example of a MetaMask prompt message for paying for petrol is shown below.

Note: Test ethers are fictitious ethers because they are only used for development.

How to Earn Free Ethers?

Step 1:

  • Configure your MetaMask Correctly.
  • Start by searching for MetaMask in the Chrome online store. Get the MetaMask extension from this page.
  • Put the extension in place (install).
  • You must complete the registration/new account process in order to use MetaMask.

Step 2:

In MetaMask, change your network to the Rinkeby test network. Your current balance for the Rinkeby test network will be shown.

Step 3:

Click on your account address and then just copy it.

Step 4:

Use the url https://faucet.rinkeby.io/ to access the Rinkeby Faucet website.

Step 5:

You'll arrive at a user interface.

Step 6:

At this point, there are two methods to obtain ether: either through a Facebook or a Twitter post. Though choosing Twitter will be simple, you may choose any of them.

Step 7:

Tweet the username that you previously copied.

Step 8:

Copy the URL of your Tweet and paste it into the field provided on the Rinkeby Faucet website.

Step 9:

A "Give me Ether" selection box with three possibilities for ether quantities is located on the right side of the input box. Any quantity of test ether clicked will be sent to the account address provided in the tweet.

Step 10:

  • The ether transfer procedure may complete in 2 to 15 minutes. You will notice funding requests approved after test ethers have been paid to your account.
  • When the procedure is finished, your MetaMask will display something similar to receive.