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Top 10 Blockchain Project Concepts

A platform for Trusted Crowdfunding Using a Smart Contract

According to reliable studies, 85% of firms delay delivery, and 14% never fulfill the promises made to angel investors. Currently, there are issues with trust and accountability with crowdfunding sites. Investor funds have frequently been misappropriated and invested in the incorrect causes.

A platform built on the Blockchain may be implemented to effect change. Investors can see where their money is going and how it is being used because of the Blockchain technology. Until the project or company founder makes progress on the project, a smart contract helps to freeze the funds within the Blockchain.

Ridesharing From Peer to Peer

The agency itself serves as a middleman in the majority of carpooling programs and radio cab services. What if an organization such as Uber decides to stop operating in the city? Riders and drivers can interact directly if ridesharing and vehicle rentals are shifted to the Blockchain without a middleman. If the idea is successful, it might create a network that will offer dependable, secure transportation.

Voting system powered by Blockchain

Although electronic voting systems have taken the role of paper-based ones, some individuals still have doubts about their security and defense against intrusions. Elections in the nation may be made open and subject to public scrutiny thanks to the Blockchain-based system. If implemented properly, voting might be done using a mobile app linked to a Blockchain platform.

An impostor's system for product identification

Every well-known company has imposters offering their imitation products at lower prices. Even the company's specialists might be unable to tell the difference between genuine and fake ones. What if the product's original maker included a 2D barcode with a Blockchain system linked to it?

Your smartphone will inform you if the goods are phoney or not once you scan the 2D barcode with it. If this project proposal is implemented properly, major brands will come to your door, and you already know why.

Details of the Shipment Location

Today, the majority of logistics businesses simply provide location information for key areas, including collecting points, urban centers, and sporting facilities. The precise live location information is never known, and the entire data is destroyed if the technology malfunctions.

A system that gathers location information from several interconnected systems and provides clients with precise location information can be implemented using Blockchain. This project's use may be expanded to other industries, such as airlines to locate misplaced luggage and vehicle rentals to track hired cars, among others.

Genuine and Open Application for Charities

In the name of charity, many fraudulent groups who claim to be charitable steal money from unwitting donors. The majority of people want to give money to charity, but many are unclear if it will get to the proper hands of the needy. Online charitable trusts may become more transparent thanks to the Blockchain system. Donors may track the progress of their gifts in real time and determine if they are reaching the right people or not.

System for Renting Disk Space

The goal is to make it possible for everyone on the earth to rent out any extra disc space, which can then be connected to a Blockchain registry to form a sizable global cloud. The concept is comparable to a peer-to-peer network, but Blockchain will make it entirely decentralized.

This concept can be executed as a small project, but if used internationally, it might fundamentally alter how cloud storage is used today. If you have a really fast internet connection, this idea may also be applied to your computer's memory & processing capability.

A System for Decentralized Web Hosting

Today, web hosting functions by centrally holding all online material, including text, code, and media content, so that it can all be accessible over the internet. However, did you know? When a server needs maintenance or if the server's load is too great, your website will be unavailable.

What if Blockchain allowed your website to operate without a central server? With Blockchain, you may divide the content of your website into little pieces, disperse them around the internet, and then connect them using a Blockchain registry.

Exchange System for Loyalty Points

The majority of other brands and businesses use their own loyalty points to reward customers, with payback, in being an exception. Since the deserving consumer cannot utilize his loyalty points with other businesses or brands, this flaw in the current system is an absolutely intolerable negative. Additionally, customers can't swap or exchange reward points with friends or relatives. You may create a solution using Blockchain that enables customers to mix & transparently exchange loyalty awards.

Trackback from the Source of Your Food

You prefer organic food. Although you may buy organic, how sure are you that it is truly organic? Do you know if the chicken leg on your plate comes from one of the few poultry farms where the bird flu epidemic is occurring?

You may put in place a system that allows customers to follow the path of fresh fruit or meat back to its source using Blockchain technology. Customers will be far more likely to purchase the goods as a result.

Let's wrap up...

These 10 project ideas are doable for beginners and students alike.

Choose the option that best fits your needs, and please adjust the concept as necessary. Above all, we hoped this post may help illuminate some of the many uses Blockchain has in the real world.