Automation Anywhere Tutorial

Automation Anywhere Tutorial

Automation Anywhere Tutorial for Beginners

What is Automation?

Automation is a technique which is used to perform the processes with minimal human assistance. Automation is used in computer controlled and electronic devices to support the processes. The motive of Automation is to boost reliability and efficiency.

It is a technique of making devices, system, or a process to operate automatically. It is an integral part of information technology.

Automation tools fall into many categories. Some popular types of Automation are as follows.

  • Process orchestration
  • Choreography
  • Machine automation
  • Robotics
  • Decision algorithm
  • Artificial intelligence

RPA Automation Anywhere

Automation has been into existence since the 1920s, but it came in trend only in the early 1990s. This software assists in various kinds of daily tasks. To perform daily tasks, we need robotic process automation RPA.

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. It's software that can imitate the action of a human user. It acts on a PC to automate processes which are strictly repetitive and rule-based.

RPA is a new age technology which helps us to perform a complicated task with ease. Automation Anywhere is one of the leaders in the RPA market.

Automation Anywhere Architecture

Below figure displays the architecture of Automation Anywhere.

automation anywhere architecture

Automation Anywhere Architecture has three major components

  • Control room
  • Bot creator
  • Bot runner

Control room
The control room is a web-based platform that controls the Automation Anywhere. It acts like a server that controls Automation Anywhere bots.

It also deals with

  • User management
  • Source control

Control room manages the code for the bots. So it makes it easy to share the code across different systems.

  • Dashboard

It gives the complete analytical report and results of Automation Anywhere bots. You can see and control how many bots are running and how a bot failed/passed.

  • License Management

To use Automation Anywhere, one should have to purchase a license. The purchased licenses are configured in the control room.

Automation Anywhere provides two types of licenses.

1) Dev License

You can create, edit, and run a bot with this license.

2) Run License

This license permits you to only run the bot, and you can't make any changes in bot.

Bot creator

Developers create bots with the help of Desktop based application. Their dev licenses are checked in the control room. After authentication, it creates the code of the bots and stores it in the control room. Different developers create distinct bots or tasks. These bots could be executed or merged at once.

Bot Runner

Bot Runners are used to execute the bots; they can execute the multiple bots in parallel. They are run time clients who can report back the execution log status to the control room.

If we summarized all components together, then first, a developer creates a bot(task) and updates on the control room. Now updated tasks on control room are scheduled and executed to Bot runners, based on the requirement or priority.

Some additional components for Automation Anywhere

Apart from the above component, Automation Anywhere also contains some additional components. These are as follows.

  • IQ Bots
  • Bot Insight
  • Bot farm

IQ Bots

IQ bots or cognitive bots have features like self-learning ability, subject matter expertise, algorithm-based decision making. These bots can think like a human. To perform its functionalities, these bots extract data from semi-structured and unstructured data and use a semantic model.

Bot Insight

It's a tool to analyze the performance of every bot. With this tool of Automation anywhere, you can see the statistics and the graph of the business.

Bot farm

It lets you to create multiple bots on-demand digital workforce. It also provides RPA (Robotic Process Automation) service through the Automation Anywhere Enterprise.

Types of Automation anywhere Bots

There are three types of bots in Automation Anywhere:

  • Task Bots
  • Meta Bots
  • IQ Bot

Task Bots

Task bots are an automated rule-based, repetitive task, in fields like document administration, claims management, HR, IT services, and more. This leads to an immediate improvement in productivity, error reduction, and cost saving.

Meta Bots

Meta bots are the basic building blocks for Automation. So, it is designed in such a way that you can make a minimal change in bot while changing application update.


IQ bots or cognitive bots have features like self-learning ability, subject matter expertise, algorithm-based decision making. These bots can think like a human. To perform its functionalities, these bots extract data from semi-structured and unstructured data and use a semantic model.

Features of Automation Anywhere

Here is a list of most important features of Automation Anywhere:

  • It is an intelligent Automation for business and IT tasks.
  • It uses SMART Automation Technology.
  • It automates complex and complicated tasks rapidly.
  • It performs automation tasks such as recording keyboard strokes and mouse clicks.
  • It distributes tasks to multiple computers.
  • It offers script less Automation
  • It facilitates with Auto-login runs scheduled tasks on anytime, even when the computer is locked.

Industries using Automation Anywhere

Some top industries using Automation Anywhere are as follows:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Automation is used in BPO to reduce the operational costs, improve performance, and increase the capacity of the workforce.


Automation is used in Telecom to provide support to the connected user. This increases efficiency and enables rapid growth.


Automation is used in Healthcare to engage effectively with patients, reduce the risk, and analyze critical healthcare data.

Financial services

Automation is used in the financial sector to improve efficiency, reduce fraud, and reduce compliance also.


Automation is used in Manufacturing to streamline supply chain management. This reduces costs and accelerates production.

Benefits of using Automation Anywhere

Use of Automation Anywhere is beneficial because of

  • To use Automation Anywhere, no programming knowledge is required. We can record our actions, or point and click the action wizards.
  • Automation Anywhere eliminates the element of human error.
  • Automation Anywhere Increases transaction speed and allows to save time and costs.
  • Automation Anywhere helps you to automate data transfers and import or export data between files or applications.
  • Automation Anywhere scales from Desktop to Data Center.