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Advantages and Disadvantages of Satellite Communication

A satellite communication system is an electronic package that is sent toward orbit. Its primary goal is to establish or improve matters in space. It has significantly influenced how international communication is conducted. It relays the radio signal sent by the base station using a geosynchronous satellite. These satellites provide the function of base stations relaying communications transmissions. As shown from the earth station, the satellite will accept signals and data, amplifies them and sends them again to another earth station. With such a technology, data may be sent in a single step to the other side of the planet. Most businesses that use satellite microwaves do through expensive satellite access leases.

Advantages of Satellite Communication

  1. The geographic region that is covered by satellite transmission is fairly large, mainly for sparsely inhabited areas. Or In particular, for less populated areas, satellite transmission offers significant geographic coverage.
  2. High bandwidth.
  3. Without regard to location, communications systems or satellite communication may simply build applications for wireless and mobile communications.
  4. It is simple to get service from one provider, and uniform service is offered.
  5. The technology used for coding usually provides security in satellite communication.
  6. It is used in a huge variety of applications, including international mobile communication, Long distance telephone transmission, networks of private businesses, networks of private businesses or private business networks, predicting the weather or weather forecasting, broadcasting a radio or television signal, gathering intelligence for the army or gathering intelligence in the military, Navigation of ships and aircraft, connecting distant locations, distribution of television, etc.
  7. On long travels, it could be less costly, or Over long distances, it can be cheaper.
  8. Satellite communication is the best solution because its installation and management are simple and affordable, or Satellite communication is the perfect option because it is cost-effective, simple, and simple to install.
  9. Each Earth Station may be swiftly removed from a site during a catastrophic condition and reinstalled elsewhere. Or Every Earth Station has the capability to be swiftly removed from one place and put in another during emergency conditions.
  10. Sites of ground stations are simple to establish and keep up, or Ground station locations are simple to establish and keep up.

 Disadvantages of Satellite Communication

  1. The cost of designing, developing, investing in, and insuring satellites is higher. Or A satellite requires more money for design, development, investment, and insurance. The time required from Earth to reach the satellite might change from 270 milliseconds to 320 milliseconds and back again. An echo may result from this propagation delay while using telephone connections.
  2. Repairing and maintaining satellites is difficult.
  3. The satellite's signal may be affected by conditions like the climate or sunspots, and it can produce interference and make it exceedingly difficult for the satellite to operate properly.
  4. Once it is launched, it has to be watched and managed at times in order to stay in orbit, or It requires to be monitored and controlled on regular periods so that it remains in orbit once it has been launched.