ASP .Net Tutorial

What is ASP .Net?

The. Net framework is Microsoft's software development tool. The architecture was designed to
create programs that would be running on the Windows Platform. In 2002, the first version of
the. Net framework was released. The 1.0 version known as .Net framework. Since then, the. Net
project has come a long way, and the current version is 4.7.1.

To build both form-based and web-based applications, the. Net platform can be used. It is also
possible to develop Web services using the. Net platform.

History of ASP .Net

ASP.NET development evolved from the standard ASP. It stands for active server pages. This web technology has been enhanced by Microsoft and embedded in its revolutionary .NET framework. Initially, in 2000 and 2001, two beta versions of ASP.NET were released. In 2002, on January 5, 2002, Microsoft released its first version of its. NET platform, version 1.0. This system included ASP.NET 1.0.

ASP.NET has been built on the common language run time architecture of Microsoft, which ensures that it can be used universally with any. NET language.

The following table list a brief history of ASP.NET MVC.

MVC Version .Net Version Release Date Features
MVC 1.0   .Net 3.5 13-Mar-2009 MVC architecture with webform engine Routing HTML Helpers Ajax Helpers Auto binding  
MVC 2.0 .Net 3.5/4.0 10-Mar-2010 Area Asynchronous controller Html helper methods with lambda expression DataAnnotations attributes Client-side validation Custom template Scaffolding  
MVC 3.0 .Net 4.0 13-Jan-2011 Unobtrusive javascript validation Razor view engine Global filters Remote validation Dependency resolver for IoC ViewBag  
MVC 4.0 .NET 4.0/4.5 15-Aug-2012 Mobile project template Bundling and minification Support for Windows Azure SDK
MVC 5.0 .NET 4.5 17-oct-2013 Authentication filters Bootstrap support New scaffolding items ASP.Net Identity
MVC 5.2 - Current .NET 4.5 28-Aug-2014 Attribute-based routing bug fixes and minor features update