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Word Processing Softwares

What is the word processing software?

A word processor is a software application that offers text editing, output and input formatting. Additional characteristics include in it are document creation, editing, saving, and printing. A hand-picked list of top Word Processors is given below, with their well-liked features and website links. Both commercial (paid) and open-source (free) software are included in the list.

1) Microsoft Word

We can transform documents into web pages using the editing tool Microsoft Word. With just one tap, it provides a real-time translating facility. We can read and edit the e-mail documents attached while using the software.


  1. It provides form and resumes templates.
  2. On your mobile device, you are able to read documents, scripts, PDFs, and letters.
  3. Users can do this in order to save a document as a PDF file.
  4. With only a few taps, we can share your file with others
  5. Allow editing with rich formatting.
  6. The documents allow for comments.
  7. Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  8. Manage document permissions.

2) Google Doc

The online tool Google Doc makes it simple to format paragraphs and text. There are several fonts and images in it. This word processing program provides templates for writing documents. 


  1. It is accessible through a computer, tablet and phone.
  2. Real-time edits can be made to the document.
  3. The file provides communication and comments.
  4. In the Google Doc Android app, quotes, text, and photos may all be searched.
  5. Supported platforms are Web, Mac, Android, and iOS.

3) Writer

A writer is a word processor that allows you to make documents without spending cash. This tool makes comments for readability, contextual grammar, and style. We can integrate it with Blogger or WordPress pages.


  1. allows for real-time team collaboration
  2. The document can be saved as MS Word and PDF.
  3. This tool helps in workflow management.
  4. Allows you to combine documents.

4) Grammarly

The writing enhancement software Grammarly is very popular. It provides advice on grammar, vocabulary, and syntax, as well as a variety of writing styles. This tool is accessible through the website as a browser extension.


  1. It easily integrates with all types of websites.
  2. Contextual mistakes are detected
  3. In specific genre-based suggestion abilities.
  4. Improves the writing style of the writer.
  5. Make text edits on many websites and platforms.
  6. Supported platforms are browser extensions and the web.

5) ProwritingAid

World-class grammar and style checking is available through the product known as Prowritingaid. It improves document creation faster. This app has thousands of styles to help users write better.


  1. You can use it to fix the writing style issue.
  2. Grammar and incorrect spellings are displayed by ProWritingAid.
  3. It has word explorer features to help you locate the correct term.
  4. This tool provides a reliable report to reduce mistakes.
  5. Supported platforms are web, mac and Windows.

6) Scrivener

An excellent writing app is Scrivener. It provides a method for managing documents and metadata. You can organize and research the documents with the help of this application.


  1. The phrases that need work are highlighted.
  2. You are able to annotate and comment.
  3. Using this software, you can indent a block quota.
  4. Make the heading bold and large.
  5. You can import Word documents, Pdf files, word documents, and more.
  6. Supported platforms are mac, Windows, and iOS.

7) Calmlywriter

Free writing tools include Calmlywriter. This software is an easy-to-understand design. This online tool was created to assist you in improving your writing skills. The "focus mode" feature allows you to underline the sentence you are currently writing.


  1. You can obtain full-screen mode support.
  2. It is easy to use.
  3. Changing the typewriter sound's volume.
  4. Supports formatting headers, bold, italics, and bullets with syntax.
  5. You are able to utilize keyboard shortcuts.
  6. Using a browser to spellcheck.
  7. There is a word count available.
  8. Creating a PDF file is a choice.
  9. Platforms supported: browser extensions and the web.

8) Ginger software

One of the oldest tools for improving writing is ginger software. One of the best free word processing software online, it enables you to make text corrections as you type. Avoiding many common grammar mistakes, such as punctuation, writing style, sentence structuring, subject-verb agreement, and wording. The grammar checker offers a number of special little features in addition to the basic ones, such as a text reader, translator, trainer, etc.


  1. Grammarly's Ginger tool is very good at identifying spelling mistakes. You may make all changes with a single click, and it helps you solve all errors at once.
  2. You can add your own words to the personal dictionary to highlight mistakes in future.
  3. Correct any mistakes in the document.
  4. Grammar and syntax check.
  5. Help in increasing users' English writing abilities.
  6. Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, browser and iOS.

9) JotterPad

An Android software developed only for writers is called JotterPad. It is a simple text editor that helps you to produce books, poetry, novels, essays, and other types of writing. You can concentrate on using the tool to turn your suggestions into a text file.


  1. You can look up words and phrases fast.
  2. It works with Markdown.
  3. It allows word counting.
  4. You can change the document's version with the help of this JotterPad.
  5. Print or publish your work as a PDF.
  6. Supported platforms are Android.

10) Evernote web

An application called Evernote is made for writing notes. You may manage and arrange your suggestions, to-do lists, and projects using this free word processing software on various computer devices.


  1. You can modify the paper's design because of it.
  2. Delete incorrect strokes or marks.
  3. Allows you to highlight the text's colour.
  4. You have the option to copy, cut, or paste specific shapes or strokes.
  5. Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

11) Readable

A word processor called Readable allows you to check your text's readability, spelling, and grammar. It allows API connection with your content management software. With the help of this tool, you can paste your content for immediate analysis.


  1. This free word processing application allows you to check the keyword density.
  2. Readability notifications are provided by the application.
  3. Team management tools are available.
  4. You may share text, upload scores, and websites with Readable.
  5. Supported platforms are web.

12) Dragon Naturally Speaking

Voice recognition tool such as Dragon Naturally Speaking is available. You can speak into this application, and your words will be displayed on the screen. Creating documents without using a keyboard is useful.


  1. Students, professionals, and businessmen can use it.
  2. The supported operating systems include iOS, Android and Windows.

13) Scribus

Desktop publishing software called Scribus is open-source and free. It was created specifically for typesetting, file layout, and display. In addition, this application can produce PDFs and forms.


  1. Its interface is user-friendly.
  2. Support publishing tools, including PDF production and colour management.
  3. You may create vector drawings.
  4. Tools for creating documentation, such as LaText and Lilypond, are supported by this application.
  5. Supported platforms are NetBSD, PC-BSD, Linux, Mac OS X, PC-BSD, Solaris, Windows, and Haiku.

14) draft

A draft is a tool that makes writing a draft quick and simple. One of the best word processors that allows you to manage the version of the documents in this application. Users can upload documents from a range of cloud services using this software.


  1. Users can use it to help in transcription.
  2. It Supports Markdown.
  3. Our document is available for sharing.
  4. Users are allowed to move comments on your writing, Or It allows comments on your writing.
  5. Supported platforms are Mac, Linux, and Windows.

15) iA writer

An organized and simple writing environment is created by iA Writer. You can use it to edit your text file in any software of your choice. This app has a concentrated mode that allows you to remain in the moment.


  1. The syntax may be highlighted.
  2. This tool allows document search.
  3. Support for template customization.
  4. Automatic table alignment is supported.
  5. The software has two settings: light and dark mode.
  6. In this app, we can write a phrase and a sentence is helpful.
  7. Supported platforms are Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.