Disadvantages of DBMS

Disadvantages of DBMS

With the vast list of advantages, there are some following disadvantages or limitations of the database management system.

1. High Cost

The high cost of software and hardware is the main disadvantage of the database management system.

Database users require a high-speed processor and huge memory size to use the database on the DBMS. Sometimes, users require costly machines for maintaining databases.

Organizations need a trained and highly paid technical database administrator for using and maintaining the large database systems. 

2. Huge Size

The size of the database is not big at the initial state, but when the user stores a large amount of data, then it creates many problems. Due to the huge data, database systems do not provide good results and do not run efficiently. That's why the size is another limitation of the database systems.

3. Database Failure

In the database systems, all the data or information of an organization is stored in one centralized database. If the database of that organization fails, then the data is lost, and the organization will collapse. So, database failure is a big problem with the database management system.    

4. Complexity

Database management system (DBMS) is so complex for non-technical users. So, it isn't easy to manage and maintain database systems. Therefore, training for the designers, users, and administrators is necessary to efficiently run the database systems.

5. Increased Staff Cost

DBMS requires an educated and skilled staff for managing and maintaining the databases. So, we need to spend a lot of money to get this level of trained and experienced staff.

6. Requirement of Technical Staff

A non-technical people can't understand the complexity of the database. So, the technical staff is required for maintaining and handling the database management system.

7. Cost of Data Conversion

It is one of the big disadvantages of the database management system because the cost of data conversion is very high. There is a requirement for trained, skilled, and experienced database administrators for converting the data smoothly.

8. Performance

Performance is another big disadvantage of database systems because the speed of the database systems for small firms and organizations is very slow. Hence, the performance of the database systems in small organizations is poor.