Who invented the watch

Nowadays it is very easy to access time because of our developed country and handful of technologies. But before the invention of watches, people were dependent on the solar cycle to predict the start and end of a day.

Who created it, His work, Recognition, inventions?

  • A clockmaker from Nuremberg named Peter Henlein invented the very first watch. He invented this watch in the 15th century with the help of mainspring (An important part of a clock for power source).
  • At the same time he created a watch, a lot of people or clockmakers were trying to create the same. Soon after he created the very first watch, a lot of inventions were made by the idea of it and people started wearing the clocks as pendants. This led to the rise of pocket watch.
  • Although it is not confirmed that Peter is the first one to make a clock, he just came into notice first out of all the clockmakers at that time.
  • A 1524 newspaper recorded that he was awarded cash of 140-1000 US Dollars.
  • His customers belong to high society and paid him a good amount of money for every purchase.
  • He mainly crafted portable pomander watches. Far from what we wear today, he created his watches in a way so that people can attach them on their clothing and gave it the name of Nuremberg eggs.

First jewelry, wrist, and more fashionable watches

Who Invented The Watch

Back in 19th century ring watches for women were created. The watches were used more as an accessory than to see time for women.

Who Invented The Watch

The first wristwatch was invented at the end of 16th century by Earl. He had the idea of wearing a bracelet on the wrist, and he found it more practical to tie a watch on hands rather than wearing it on the neck.

Manual watch, Automatic watch, and Quartz watches

  • The watch which was invented by Peter was reassembled every night to function but Abrahal Louis Perrelet invented winding watches with automatic system.
  • The first watch in quartz was invented in 1969 by Sciko. This technology eased the concept of time in every household.

Later on, the discoveries of watches were nonstop. There were N numbers of categories of watches. Separate alarm watches are also used in today’s generation by kids. A lot has changed. Today we have everything available with us. Royal and historical inventions were a thing of the 15th century only. Now there are a lot of upgrades, but watch making is not that big a deal.