Javascript Email Validation

JavaScript Email validation

We can validate the email with the help of JavaScript. Here we check the condition related to any email id, like email it must have "@" and "." sign and also email id must be atleast 10 character. There are many criteria that need to be follow to validate the email id such as:
  • email id must contain the @ and .(dot) character
  • There must be at least one character before and after the @
  • There must be at least two character after .(dot).


<!DOCTYPE html>  
function email_validation()   
var atposition=x.indexOf("@");    
var dotposition=x.lastIndexOf(".");    
if (atposition<1 || dotposition<atposition+2 || dotposition+2>=x.length){    
alert("Please enter a valid e-mail address \n atpostion:"+atposition+"\n dotposition:"+dotposition);    
return false;    
<form name="myform"  method="post" action="#" onsubmit="return email_validation();">  
Email: <input type="text" name="email"><br/>  
<input type="submit" value="Register">  
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