Application of Tableau

Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool used in the Business Intelligence Industry. It is used for many online training modules and data sets relevant to business or marketing. Tableau collects and extracts various data that are stored in numerous places. It drags data from any platform conceivable. It helps the scientist to teach the lesson by using experimental data for the hands-on exercises or to help attendees connect the skills they learned to their work or to understand more clearly how they might use Tableau with their personal research data. The applications of the Tableau are as follow:

Tableau used in corporate World

Due to its simplicity, big corporates have bent towards tableau in analyzing and determining the vast data problems. Tableau is used to create reports that are visually enchanting and it conveys a story which individuals need to tell their managers or colleagues to impress them during a meeting. They had also found it highly beneficial while dealing with large-scale data.

Tableau for exploring programming based-tool

Tableau provides a wider variety of chart types, unlike Excel, but it also offers a set “menu” that helps to create a great visualization, data stories, data analysis formation of workbooks, etc. Users can explore more chart forms or customize their visualizations to a higher degree.

Tableau for Mapping and GIS Day

Geographic information systems (GIS) tools are used to create geographic visualizations, which have enormous uses in public health, biomedical research, and other scientific applications. Tableau is not designed as a GIS tool, it is capable of creating geographic visualizations that can be standalone visualizations or included as part of a dashboard.

Consulting on Tableau Visualizations for Hospital Data

Tableau is well-suited to the sorts of live dashboards that these groups wanted, and had the advantage of being more interactive and customizable than the systems that were currently in place. The Nursing Department was interested in utilizing Tableau to create specialized control charts, like c-charts that track the total number of calls per day and u-charts that monitor the whole movement of a day.

Developing Capacity for Tableau Support at the NIH Library

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Library provides support for researchers and staff at the NIH. The Library purchased a large data visualization touchscreen that was placed in the Technology Hub.Tableau Reader was installed on the data visualization touchscreen to allow customers to view previously created Tableau visualizations. Tableau Desktop was installed on the adjacent Data Services workstation, which can be reserved or used on a walk-in basis as available.