Features of Laravel Framework

Top 8 Laravel Features

Laravel has a very rich set of features that makes the speed of web development faster.

The following features that serve the Laravel`s key points:

Top 8 Features of Laravel
  1. Bundles:

Bundles provide us a Modular Packaging System that has bundled features already available which make an easy addition of applications. A dependency manager, i.e., Composer used to add framework-agnostic and Laravel-specific PHP packages that are available from the Packagist repository.

2. Eloquent ORM:

ORM stands for Object Relational Mapping. Eloquent ORM is an advanced PHP implementation that is used for active record pattern. It provides at the same time internal methods for enforcing constraints with the relational between database objects.

Eloquent ORM presents database tables with object instances that tied to single table rows.

3. Application Logic:

Application Logic is an integral part of developed applications, implemented by using controllers or by using part of the route declarations. The syntax used to define Application Logic is similar to the one that is used by the Sinatra framework.

4. Query Builder:

Query Builder is available since Laravel 3. It provides a more direct database access alternative to the Eloquent ORM. Query Builder provides a set of classes and methods that are capable of building queries programmatically. It allows selectable caching of the results of the executable queries.

5. Reverse Routing:

Reverse Routing is used to define a relationship between the links and the routes. It makes possible for later changes to routes to be automatically propagated into relevant links. The links are created by using the name of the existing routes. Laravel automatically creates the finest Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs).

6. Automatic Pagination:

Automatic Pagination makes the task easier for implementing pagination, it replaces the usual manual implementation approaches with the automated methods that are integrated into Laravel.

7. Unit Testing:

Unit testing provides us an integral part of Laravel that contains unit tests which detect and prevent regressions in the framework. Unit Testing can be done through the provided artisan command-line utility.

8. IOC Containers:

IOC Containers allows a  new object to be generated by the Inversion of Conversion (IOC) principle, the framework calls into the application or task-specific code.