The NICE RPA is one of the Robotic Process automation tools. It has the feature of the attended bot system. The user can automate the process, which requires human interaction between processes and flow.


                                 Figure: Use of RPA NICE on Twitter.

It provides detailed analytical information about bot performance and usage. The complete statistical data is being delivered based on the different customizable parameters in this tool.

The RPA NICE tool provides graphs and pie charts based on the classified information, which is available on the user's dashboard in the user interface. The NICE tool has a feature of the attended Bot system.

The user can automate the process with the help of Bot system. This process requires human interaction in between the flow process to become automated.  

The Unattended bot feature of the NICE tool helps in automating the process, which does not require any human involvement. The start to end flow is completely automated without halting the unit of any error or exception occurs.

The NICE tool supports integration with many other third-party applications. The Drawbacks that exist in a NICE tool is reduced by using third-party apps.

This tool is completely based on the Cloud, so there is not any requirement of extra overloaded manual installation.

The user gets the web GUI in the NICE RPA tool to work on. Some drawbacks in NICE tool does not support the image recognition based automation.

The user cannot automate the processes which are image-driven and requires image recognition. This tool has no OCR engine so, the user depends on other OCR engines to perform the task, and these other OCR engines are not so optimized.

The other drawback of this RPA NICE tool is a process builder. The user needs to re-initiate the complete process to make it work in the Process builder.

There is not any proper notification provided by the background task, which is carried out in this tool. The applications created by the RPA NICE tool are good in the analytical task, Reports, performance/ Process management, and intelligent workflow management.


There are some advantages of RPA NICE tool are as follows:

  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Productivity.
  • Accuracy in development.
  • Resource Utilization.
  • Return on the Investment process.
  • Reduced Staffing Headaches.
  • Increased and fast throughputs or output.
  • Certify compliances.
  • Easily Scalable.
  • Increased Employee Engagement.
  • Reduce the cost of the project as compared to the manual task.


Following are the several disadvantages of RPA NICE tool of Robotic Process Automation:

  • The RPA NICE tool needs heavy investment in the development.
  • The user interface of this tool is a little bit awkward. So, the designer face difficulty in project development.
  • The main disadvantage of RPA NICE is the high complexity of Implementation.


The RPA NICE tool provides better process automation. This tool makes routine desktop tasks easy, fast, and error-free for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The NICE RPA tool is also known as the NEVA-NICE employee virtual attendant. It is a smart tool to help employees in repetitive tasks.