RPA UiPath

Robotic Process Automation UiPath

UiPath is the Robotic Process Automation tool. It is mainly used for windows desktop automation.

We use the UiPath tool to automate the repetitive and redundant tasks for eliminating human intervention.

It is the most popular tool of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). UiPath does not require any knowledge of coding or Programming while implementing RPA.

RPA UiPath
Figure: What is UiPath?

The UiPath is also a global software company that develops the platform to the Robotic Process Automation. It was founded in 2005 by Romanian entrepreneurs.

It converts the repetitive and boring tasks into the automated process. UiPath is the most straight forward RPA tool with drag and drop functionalities for all activity. It is an open-source platform. It is easy to learn and collaborate.

UiPath produces quick results and delivers 40% fast automation design and deployment. We train the Bots through machine learning by using RPA UiPath.

This tool provides full automation to several companies such as healthcare, finance, and call centers. It automates all redundant task which is repetitively performed on the user's device.

UiPath RPA architecture

UiPath is one of the most popular market leaders of RPA tools. It automates the task by using drag and drop functionality so, any action or event can be performed easily by the user.

UiPath is the cloud-based Robotic Process Automation platform that assists administrators and analysts to automate the business processes.

Figure: Architecture of UiPath.

The UiPath architecture has three layers, which are given below:

  • Client layer

The client layer contains UiPath Studio and UiPath Robot. The UiPath Studio is the platform where the user creates the workflow of automation and then, execute the task with the help of UiPath Robot.

UiPath Robot has two elements, which are given below:

  • UiPath Agent Service

UiPath Agent Service is used to display the available jobs in the system tray. It sends the request to start and stop the task and change the settings.

  • UiPath Executor Service

UiPath Executor Service is used to execute the given task under the windows session.

  • Server layer

Once the Robot is ready to execute the task with the help of the Client layer, the project is uploaded on the Orchestrator server.

The user can execute the project on several PCs by using Orchestrator. The Orchestrator monitors the deployment, configures, queue management, and logging in the Server layer.

  • Persistence layer

After the Server layer, the next layer is the persistence layer. This layer contains the database that takes care of queues and the item in the queue. It also has information about the Robot Configuration and their allotted process.

Layers of UiPath Architecture.
Figure: Layers of UiPath Architecture.

UiPath Advantages

UiPath Advantages

The main advantages of UiPath tool are given below:

  • UiPath delivers high speed in the case of implementation.
  • It is user- friendly.
  • This tool is utilized for workflow in case of different modules when several services are related to the integration.
  • It provides remote desktop involvement and Citrix environment.  It is the main advantage of this tool.
  • UiPath has a minimal operational cost and better utilization of IT resources.
  • The community edition is provided by the UiPath tool. This edition is free for everyone and allows each user to learn and download the study materials.
  • The UiPath has improved customer experience in both front end and back end office operations.
  • It also has faster automation design and deployment of robots.

Why UiPath is Unique

Why UiPath is Unique
Figure: why UiPath is Unique.

There are several types of tools for Robotic Process Automation. UiPath is the most popular tool nowadays. Following are some reasons given below that shows UiPath is unique and attractive:

  • It provides a complete solution by using three components that are UiPath Studio, Orchestrator, and UiPath Robots.
  • UiPath supports a high level of security; that's why users easily store and encrypt the credentials on the centralized server.
  • Since it is an in-built flexible tool, it permits the user for powerful debugging.
  • UiPath has a server-based license which is very beneficial and easy to use.
  • UiPath is prepared with various features, such as tracking the debugging and exception handling. It also monitors the activities of artificial intelligence like handling outlook, excel, and PDF.
  • UiPath studio supports excellent automation with the help of its business model process.

UiPath workflow

The RPA bots transform the back office process by interacting with the user interface of the computer system, just like humans. RPA works with an existing application and structural process. It is a code-free and user-friendly.

Workflow of UiPath
Figure: Workflow of UiPath.

UiPath supports automated workflow design, which is used without programming or coding skills. The user integrates workflow design activities and develops the workflow files with the help of the layout diagram.

UiPath has the following three layout diagrams which are given below:

1. Flowchart

The flowchart is the graphical representation of any process. Every step is represented in these processes by various symbols and connects the symbols with the arrows.

It is one of the best layout diagrams of the UiPath workflow.  The flowchart is flexible and provides the layout of the workflow in a two-dimensional manner.

2. Sequence diagram

The sequence diagram is the simple linear representation that flows from top to bottom. Sequence diagrams also tell the order or sequence in which commands are executed. These diagrams are straightforward and easy to understand.

3. State Machine diagram

The state machine diagram is a complex structure. It stores the status of something at a specific point in time. These diagrams can be finite or infinite.

The state machine diagrams are the flowcharts with conditional arrows, which are known as transitions.

Benefits of UiPath

Benefits of UiPath
Benefits of UiPath

Following are the benefits of UiPath:

  • Best Customer Experience

UiPath provides the best customer experience to the organizations. The industries or companies that implement the RPA and automate their business processes by using UiPath are getting customer support with excellent customer feedback.

The industry increases the speed of back end office tasks with the help of RPA by using the UiPath tool. The organization provides timely and effective service to the end customers with the help of UiPath.

Various types of repetitive process automated by RPA, which improves the efficiency of any organization, are given below:

         1. Issue of Purchased order.

         2. Claim processing.

         3. New joining paperwork and screening.

         4. Bill Payments.

  • Accuracy

UiPath provides accuracy in the automated task. This tool is used to work with error-free features during the implementation of RPA. It is less prone to errors and functions with accuracy and regularity.

  • Productivity Rate

The execution time in the automation process is faster than the manual process approach. Following are some examples of improved productivity rate using UiPath:

  • Automating the user interfaces.
  • Image to text conversion
  • It interacts with the databases.
  • Integration between several types of operation or process.
  • Reliability

The bots can work continuously 24x7 without getting tired or bored. They work effectively and don’t want any leave or vacations.

  • Cost decreasing technology

UiPath tool reduces the size of the manual workforce by using automation. The annual budget of the project is also decreased due to the reduction in the size of the manual workforce.

  • Compliance

The employees run or execute their internal reviews regularly within any organization with the help of UiPath. This tool allows the employees to identify and manage the issue of any compliance proactively.

  • No Coding required

The programming or coding skills are not required to use the UiPath tool. This tool has a drag and drops functionality to develop automated applications.

  • Consistency

The repetitive and redundant task is performed in the same manner by using the UiPath tool. The RPA implements high business value with the help of UiPath consistency.

UiPath Component

UiPath is the global software that develops a platform for Robotic Process Automation. There are two types of UiPath component, which makes it unique as follows:

1. UiPath platform component

2. UiPath Studio components

UiPath Platform Component

UiPath is an advanced tool. It enables the user to design the automation process visually with the help of diagrams. UiPath Studio, UiPath Robot, and UiPath Orchestrator are the three UiPath platform components that are given below:

  • UiPath Studio.
  • UiPath Robot.
  • UiPath Orchestrator

UiPath Studio

UiPath Studio visually enables the automation designing process through drag and drop functionality and flowchart activities.

UiPath Robot

UiPath Robot is the executor that interacts with a large number of applications at the same time.

UiPath Orchestrator

The UiPath Orchestrator is a web-based application that is used to manage, monitor, and schedule multiple deployed Robots and processes.

UiPath Studio Components

1. Ribbon

The Ribbon has many components such as recording, Screen Scraping, Data Scraping, user events, and variables. All component of Ribbon have different functionalities which are given below:

  • Recording

The UiPath recorders allow the user to record user interface mouse movements and keyboard activities to generate the automation scripts.

  • Screen Scraping and Data Scraping

Screen Scraping and Data Scraping are used in the Scraping process and make this process easy and understandable.

Screen Scraping and Data Scraping
  • User events

This component is used to capture the events performed by the user.

User events
  • Variables

The variable component helps the user to create and manage the variables.


2. Activity Pane

All small task is present in the activity pane. The activity pane works as per the requirements of every activity.

3. Properties Pane

The configuration is handled in the properties pane, such as setting the output of the particular activity or task.

4. Control Bar / Pane

The Control Bar is the Bottom section of the UiPath tool. It has variables, arguments, and imports. It is the section where the user can create variables and also deals with arguments and delete variables.

UiPath Disadvantages

There is the various disadvantage of UiPath which are given below:

  • Potential of Job losses

UiPath affects employment, so it is the disadvantage of this tool. UiPath has also increased the possibility of unemployment in organizations. 

Robots can do work quickly and very fast. Human labor is replaced by Robots to automate the processes.

  • Need for initial investment cost.
  • Hiring skilled staff.
  • Configure the Robot for small changes in any application.
  • The Bot (automated program) depends on the speed of application.