Tableau Quick Filters

Tableau Filters help to have enough functionality to solve most of the common filtering needs. Quick filters are simply a filter that has been exposed in a view. But, it can also affect your loading time. And that is why it is recommended to be careful while operating quick filters, and not to add more quick filters to a sheet or dashboard. Tableau provides a list of various quick filters which are as follow.

Filter Name


Single Value (List) This Filter selects one value at a time in the given list.
Single Value (Dropdown) This Filter selects a single value in a drop-down list.
Multiple Values (List) This Filter selects one or more values in a list.
Multiple Values (Dropdown) It selects one or more values in a drop-down list.
Multiple Values (Custom List) This Filter search and select one or more values
Single Value (Slider) It is used to drag a horizontal slider to select a single value.
Wildcard Match This Filter selects values

Creating a Quick Filter

Open the Tableau Desktop and connect to your data source. Once connected to your Excel File, drag and drop Categories and Sales under Rows and Columns Shelf. Now, if we want to put the filter on direction. Then, we will drag Direction field from the dimension to filters shelf. The below pop up menu will appear: Tableau Quick Filters 1 It will ask all the values you want to filter out. Here we have selected all the values and click on Ok. Tableau Quick Filters 2 Next, we want to show our filter as a quick filter. Right click on the Region. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on Show Filter. Tableau Quick Filters 3 The following bar chart will show you the Quick Filter operation. Tableau Quick Filters 4 On the Right, you have the region Field options which you can select or reject as per your convenience. Here we have selected only West, and East field option. The following screenshot will show the bar charts only for the chosen Region.