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Machine Learning Engineer Salary in Different Organisation

We are very familiar with the word Machine Learning nowadays. Machine Learning technologies are used everywhere. Many IT companies use this type of technologies to improve their product. This branch of technology is becoming very famous among developers. If you are also interested in this newest edition of modern technology then you should go through this article. In this article, we will discuss about salaries of Machine Learning developers in details.

What is Machine learning?

Machine Learning is becoming very famous among developers. You must have used Google or YouTube. If the answer is yes then you have already used applications of machine learning. Machine Learning helps software to learn from their previous experience. Suppose you have searched something on YouTube then you will get videos related to that topic on your feed also. This is because of Machine Learning.

Different Factors Deciding Salary of Machine Learning Developers

There are different factors in every profession which control the salary of a job. In Machine Learning jobs, there is also deciding factors. These factors are experience, efficiency, place, projects, and others.

ML Engineer Salaries in India According to Company

Company NameExperienceSalary
TCS0 - 1 year of experience5 lakh per year
Accenture0 - 1 year of experience7.75 lakh per year
Cognizant0 - 1 year of experience5.5 lakh per year
Infosys0 - 1 year of experience6.3 lakh per year
Google0 - 1 year of experience12.15 lakh per year
Wipro0 - 1 year of experience5.6 lakh per year
Qualcomm0 - 1 year of experience14.2 lakh per year
Oracle0 - 1 year of experience10.35 lakh per year
Quantiphi Analytics Solutions0 - 4 year of experience10.7 lakh per year
Tiger Analytics0 - 5 year of experience13.2 lakh per year
Capgemini2 – 7 year of experience6.6 lakh per year
HCL technologies1 - 8 year of experience8.8 lakh per year
Tech mahindra2 - 8 year of experience6.2 lakh per year
Deloitte2 - 7 year of experience12.1 lakh per year
IBM3 - 9 year of experience9.2 lakh per year
Samsung research1 - 5 year of experience15.35 lakh per year
Mindtree1 - 6 year of experience5 lakh per year
Amazon1 - 5 year of experience14 lakh per year
Trantor1 - 4 year of experience9.5 lakh per year
Siemens2 - 8 year of experience11.5 lakh per year
UST0 - 5 year of experience7.6 lakh per year
Reliance jio0 - 5 year of experience8.6 lakh per year
OptSol Business Solution0 - 4 year of experience5.6 lakh per year
Armana group0 - 5 year of experience6.35 lakh per year
Ignatarium technology solution0 - 4 year of experience6 lakh per year
Freelancer.Com0 - 10 year of experience5.75 lakh per year
Fractal analytics0 - 5 year of experience20.5 lakh per year
straive3 - 5 year of experience8.3 lakh per year
eriction3 - 4 year of experience8.15 lakh per year
Virtusa consulting services0 - 3 year of experience5.15 lakh per year
Ford motor2 - 3 year of experience11.2 lakh per year
JP Morgan chase3 - 8 year of experience17.35 lakh per year
Phenom0 - 4 year of experience12.5 lakh per year
DXC technologies0 - 4 year of experience6.75 lakh per year
Confidential1 - 9 year of experience10.5 lakh per year
L&T infotech0 - 11 year of experience10.3 lakh per year
Sysark1 - 8 year of experience3.15 lakh per year
Monsoon CreditTech0 - 5 year of experience9.6 lakh per year

Salary According to Skills

SkillsAverage Total Compensation
Artificial Intelligence8 lakh
Computer Vision7.25 lakh
Deep Learning7.5 lakh
Machine Learning7 lakh
Natural Language Processing7.3 lakh

Salary According to Locations  

LocationAverage Total Compensation
Bangalore8.7 lakh
Chennai7.25 lakh
Delhi7 lakh
Gurgaon5.35 lakh
Hyderabad6.8 lakh
Kolkata6.4 lakh
Mumbai6.25 lakh
Noida6 lakh
Pune6.15 lakh