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Some Innovative Project Ideas in Machine Learning

In today's world, we are surrounded by machines and different types of gadgets. Machine Learning is a technique which prepares machines to think and learn. In modern days, Machine Learning can help human a lot. In Machine Learning what we do is to analyse a set of data to get some predictions. We can use Machine Learning in many fields like medical, agriculture, climate, engineering, and many other domains. In this article we are going to explore some good and innovative project ideas in Machine Learning field.

1. Recommendation System in Music App

This project is one of the most popular project ideas in machine learning. If you use Amazon or Flipkart for shopping then you must have faced recommendation system. As Machine Learning developer it is good to start with this type of projects. Recommendation system also works on our video and music apps like Spotify, YouTube and many others. A recommendation system predicts the possible choices of customer or user depending upon their previous activities. It often happens that you find similar types of music on the apps. It occurs based on your choices. This can be a good project idea to build one music recommendation system. In this project you can use different data sets to build your model.

2. Stock Price Predictor

This project can be a good one for those people who want to extend their career with finance. It is very good project idea for Machine Learning developer who is interested in data science. Nowadays, everyone is interested about stock market. You must have seen there are many apps to predict the stock price. It is quite difficult but Machine Learning can solve this problem. In this project you have to face some difficulties because you will get different variable for stocks like volatility indices, prices, global macroeconomic indicators, fundamental indicators, and others. You can use time series for this project.

3. House Price Prediction

If you are a beginner and you want to do some exciting project then this project is suitable for you. It is seen that many people face problems when they try to buy their house. It happens because it is difficult to predict the cost of the house. It is sure that the area of the house and the beauty of the house matters in this case. But there are also some other parameters like the locality, behaviour of neighbours, crime rate in that area and many others. It is a basic Machine Learning algorithm project. You just have to collect some datasets and then apply your algorithm. You have to predict the price on the basis of different attributes.

4. Social Media Sentiments Analysis

We are all in social media platforms in these days. We share our thoughts through social media platforms and interact with the community. So it is obvious that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have a big data which consists of our sentiments and feelings and thoughts about something. This thing can be Election, movie release, cricket world cup, crimes, photos, celebrities, literature and many other subjects. As a Machine Learning developer you can use this big set of data to analyse the sentiment about one subject of a community. Just use Machine Learning algorithms or deep learning algorithms to analyse this dataset.

5. Determination of Fake News

This idea is also good one. News and media performs an important role in our mankind to protect democracy. Just think about the ancient age where letters would take some days to be delivered. But it is easy now. One thing we have to admit that after the invention of internet it is much easier to get news. On internet we can get news from different platforms and even from social media. But sometimes it harms us badly. When someone spread some dangerous fake news it harms the society. It is so easy to publish those types of fake news because of low cost of internet. It is important to prevent this thing. But it is not easy to check every text and videos for scrutiny. So in this case we need machine learning. In this project you can build a model which will prevent the spreading of fake news.

6. Sales Predictor using Machine Learning

This project is very simple one. If you are a beginner level Machine Learning developer then you should try this project. In this project we will try to predict the sale of a store on a special day depending upon its previous years’ dataset. We will check the sell of every product available in that store. We will mainly use the dataset collected in previous years of sales. We will apply unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms to get the idea of sales. It is a good project. You can start with the datasets available on internet and then apple unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms for your prediction.

7. Machine Learning Project to Classify Iris Flowers

If you are puzzled with hard and complex project ideas then this project is only for you. In this project you need only basic things to implement your idea and get results. This project is often considered as a simple problem of C that we have to print “hello world”. Now you can understand the simplicity of this project. Now let’s discuss about the concept of project. You have to classify some flowers depending upon the datasets provide to you previously. You have to build one model which can detect or classify the flowers. The classification of iris flowers is virginica, setosa, or versicol. You can also classify them depending upon their length and different sepals and petals. If you are working in a beginner level then you should obviously go for this project. It is sure that you will not learn much more but you can get more confidence for your next projects. You can add this project in your deep learning project section also.

8. Machine Learning Project to Detect Loan Eligibility

It can be an important project which can add some special value to your CV. The main idea of this project is to determine that if an application submitted for loan request is valid or not. You must have some idea over the policy of bank by which they give loan. It is very much necessary to detect whether one person or organisation can return the loan money or not. It often happens that bank takes too much time for this type of detection and to tell the truth it is not their fault. They have to check all the details of that customer before giving the loan and for this reason they take more time. But one customer who is in hurry should get loan as quick as possible. Machine Learning can help in this case. Now your task is to simplify the job of bank for detection of the loan eligibility. You will work on a dataset. In this dataset you will have different attributes like the customer’s age, sex, marital status, wealth, income, qualifications, previous loan details, credit card details and many other things. In this data you have to apply Machine Learning algorithms and detect the eligibility. This project surely helps you to develop your Machine Learning ideas.

9. Inventory Demand Forecasting

If you are in intermediate level then you can go with this project. Just think about online food delivery services like Zomato, Swiggy and many others. This companies connects customers with their nearby good food shops. These companies often give sales and discounts on a special day. The customers surely enjoy this thing. But it is difficult for restaurants to manage their inventory because they don’t know how will be the customer demand. It happens many times that their foods wastes a lot. It is not only for this food apps or restaurants this thing happens in big companies or factories also. Inventor demand is very important thing for your business. But it is so difficult by humans to detect this thing. So, to solve this problem we have to take help from machines. We will use Machine Learning to forecast inventory demand.  You have to build one model which will predict the inventory demand depending upon different variables related to that company and their product. You have to use relevant Machine Learning algorithms for this case. Algorithms like state variable machines (SVM), XGBoost, Gradient Boosting Machine (GBM), bagging will be used in this project. So, if you want to add some values in your CV then you should go for this project.

10. Machine Learning Project to Predict Wine Quality

This project is one of the famous projects in machine learning. It is a very good project which can add important values in your CV. We all know about wine which is served as drink. It has a special feature that it tastes better after increasing its age. But it is not fully true. The wine quality surely depend s upon the age wine but it also depends upon some chemical and physical factors like alcohol quantity, fixed acidity, volatile acidity, determination of density, pH, and many others. So, you can see there are many variables controlling wine quality. It is difficult for one to measure all these things and after measuring the detection of quality is not a cake walk. The wine quality does not depend in a simple way with these variables. So, here we need Machine Learning to ease our work. In this project, you have to build a model which can take inputs and give output which specifies the quality of wine. In this model you will use visualization technique. You have to use input datasets and observations to build the model.

11. Plant Species Identification by Machine Learning

If you are from botany and you are also interested in machine learning, data science or vice versa then you should go with this project. This project will help you a lot to understand about botany and machine learning. It is quite puzzling that in Machine Learning how one can apply botanical things. But it is not impossible thing. Just think about the Machine Learning which helps human to do their jobs smoothly. In this case machine is helping us in a same way. In this project we try to detect the leaves by using their shapes and structures. It is quite interesting project. In this project you have to use Machine Learning algorithms and deep learning algorithms to find out the specific name of tree with which the pattern of leaf is matching.

12. Coupon Purchase Prediction

You must have heard about coupons or coupon codes. Nowadays, almost every online platform whether it is e-commerce or entertainment or others, gives coupons to their customers. It is very exciting to get coupons on your purchase. It is a brilliant business idea. In this way companies attracts their customers to their products. Customers also take satisfaction that they have made a good deal in their purchasing. In this way both sides make some profit. It is a good way to attract the customers to new products. It often happens that while purchasing you get coupons for an entertainment platform. Now when it is free you are watching a web series but suppose before ending your web series you have lost your subscription then it is obvious that you will buy the subscription next time for watching the remaining part. So, our project idea is to find out which kind of coupons attracts customers more. In this project we will use previous datasets to build one model which will recommend the suitable coupon for one customer. This project will surely help you a lot to understand or learn new things.

13. Driver Demand Prediction

This is a good project to add in your CV. You must have heard of apps by which we can book cars and the apps by which we can book our food. In this both cases the company needs drivers of cars it may be four wheeler drivers or may be bike drivers. Suppose one company is starting their business in a new place then they have to know if they will get enough drivers from this area or not. In another case in a day it is important to understand how many drivers are required to run everything smoothly. In this project we will use dataset including the drivers, numbers, business of the area, the day is it some special or ordinary, the wait time  previously faced by customers in same pick point and many other things. We will build the model to predict the driver demand. You will surely learn more important things in Machine Learning throughout this project and surely this project will help you a lot in your future.