Cloud Computing Providers

A cloud provider is a company that provides the resources of cloud computing, such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) to other businesses or individuals. The different types of cloud computing platforms are:

  2. Appistry
  3. Appscale
  4. AT and T
  5. Engine yard
  6. Enomaly
  7. Flexiscale
  8. Gcloud3
  9. Gizmox
  10. Google
  11. Amazon web services (AWS)
  12. Microsoft Azure
  13. IBM cloud services
  14. Adobe creative cloud
  15. Rackspace
  16. Alibaba cloud

1) is a development platform. This offers a user-friendly interface and lets users login, build an app, and push it in the cloud. It is a cloud computing service as a software company which is specialized in customer relationship management (CRM). It permits businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with customers, partners, and potential customers.

2) Appistry: - The cloud platform of the Appistry makes this platform very useful for creating a scalable and service-oriented application.

3) Appscale:-The appscale is an open-source platform for the app engine of Google application.

4) AT and T: - The AT and T allows access to virtual servers and manages the virtualization infrastructure. This virtualization infrastructure includes network, server, and storage.

5) Engine yard:-Engine yard is a platform as service applications in the cloud. The platform which is mainly used by the engine yard is Java, ruby on rails, PHP, and Node.js for both small-scale as well as large-scale cloud deployment. Its capabilities include load balancing, backups, cloning, and database replication. Cloud application developers select the engine yard for various numbers of reasons containing self-containment, independent infrastructure, and control.

6) Enomaly: - Enomaly cloud computing platform is the answer for service providers and enterprises.

7) Flexiscale: - The flexiscale provides a cloud computing platform that permits flexible, scalable, and automated cloud infrastructure.

8) Gcloud3:- The Gcloud3 offers a private cloud solution in its platform.

9) Gizmox: - The Gizmox visual web GUI platform is designed for developing new web apps and modernizes the legacy apps based on, DHTML, etc.

10) Google:-Google cloud platform is one of the growing cloud computing services which are provided by Google, and it operates on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its end-user. The data which is stored in the Google cloud is secure, and it can be easily accessed. It provides various types of service from infrastructure as a service to the platform as a service. It offers computation, storage, big data, machine learning, and IOT services as well as cloud management, security, and developer services. It is the cloud storage designed to store large unstructured data sets.

11) Amazon web services (AWS):- Amazon web service is a cloud computing platform which offers services like computer power, content delivery. Database storage and so many other functions which help to accumulate business. AWS is scalable, flexible, and reliable; for this reason, other companies are implementing it in their work. There is no advanced cost, and the customer has to pay only for what they are used to. It is one of the popular cloud service providers among the cloud computing platforms. Via the internet, the customer can easily access highly durable storage such as Amazon Glacier, Amazon S3, and Amazon EBS.

12) Microsoft Azure: - Microsoft Azure is also one of the leading cloud computing services. It is mainly used for building, testing, managing, and deploying the application. This is done in a global network of the Microsoft-managed data center. Microsoft Azure is a public as well a private cloud platform.

13) IBM cloud services: - IBM cloud provides PaaS (Platform as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). This cloud organization can deploy and access its resources like storage networking and compute power via the internet. IBM cloud fulfills the requirement of the customer. Due to high speed and agility, the customer who is using the IBM cloud can easily find growth opportunities, generating new rename schemes, and improving operational efficiency. IBM cloud removes the complex problem and the problem which is faced by large companies. It also supports home appliances /manufacturers, retailers, and medical businesses.

14) Adobe Creative Cloud: - Adobe creative cloud provides the facility of apps services design, photography, and web. The service provides by the adobe cloud are tutorials and templates with which a beginner can easily access the cloud and can be stored using it. It offers so many facilities to the beginners as well as professionals for easy access to the cloud.

15) Rackspace: - Rackspace is another cloud computing platform. It provides services like hosting web applications, cloud files, cloud backup, database, and cloud server, etc.

Features of Rackspace

  • Fast drifting to the cloud.
  • Supports you to formulate your business in the worst-case scenario.
  • Supports you to use a combination of solid-state drives and hard drives to deliver high performance.

16) Alibaba cloud:-Alibaba is the biggest Chinese cloud computing company. It is the latest platform which created a global footprint with over 1500 CDN nodes worldwide of 19 regions and 56 availability zones across more than 200 countries.

Features of Alibaba Cloud

  • It supports you to achieve results faster.
  • It provides the facility of backup and protection of data
  • Highly stable application and reliable data storage.