Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile Cloud Computing is a system where you can use your mobile phone to access the cloud remotely. Both mobile phones and internet connections are required.  In mobile cloud computing, the customer can access the data from anywhere at any time very easily. It provides the mobile network operator with many business opportunities along with cloud providers. The objective of Mobile Cloud Computing is to permit the access of cloud from the mobile phone by offering an excellent experience to the customers and to promote it. Mobile cloud computing is cost-effective and also saves time. It is economical because as you go theory, the sites are focused on compensation.

Architecture of Mobile Cloud Computing

 Mobile Cloud Computing works on the computational augmentation approach, which is executed remotely rather than executing on the device. With the help of computational augmentation, the mobile device can use the computational resources of varied cloud-based resources Mobile cloud computing consists of four types of remote mobile cloud network resources, nearby mobile computing, local mobile computing and hybrid cloud. Big companies like Amazon are in mobile communities at a distance, while small-scale organizations are part of local immobile computing bodies.

The following figure shows the architecture of mobile cloud computing:

Mobile cloud computing

Why Choosing Mobile Cloud Computing

The reasons why we choose mobile cloud computing are:

  • Rapid development:-cloud companies are creating mobile apps that help consumers on a daily basis. This application comes up with refinement which continuously enhances the performance of the applications. As companies are improving or developing their applications regularly, this leads to the fact that there is a speedy development in mobile cloud computing.
  • Flexible: - Flexibility is another issue to choose from mobile cloud computing. The built-in technologies are more comprehensive and versatile. There are different types of approaches and devices that help in mobile computing. In MCC, the customer can select the service which needs for their business, which makes it more flexible.
  • Secure: - mobile cloud computing is robust and keeps all the data secure in the cloud. That backed up can safely fetch at any time. These applications are protected by a password, so if in case the mobile is lost, the cloud does not face any risk. The method is very simple from one device to another, and no information is lost.

How to support Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Functionality outsourcing: - Tasks such as video indexing and offshore speech recognition to the less demanding role of the cloud to be done on the device itself.
  • Web analytics: - In web analytics, the company collects information and analyses it for the product improvement and application upgrades. To make product better and make the mobile application capture saves and rendered information about the interface of the user, the company continuously puts lots of effort.
  • Hosting services: - Mobile cloud computing customers can exploit a certain amount of control in the operating system to guarantee less configuration problems. It is one of the best ways to advantage the cloud.
  • Hardware augmentation: - A clone of mobile software is developed to expand further high-level application support that was not previously possible due to its processing ability.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • Flexible: - Mobile cloud computing is flexible because it permits accessing data from anywhere at any time. The customer only needs an internet connection and a device through which they can get the cloud data easily.
  • Multiple platform availability: - The cloud computing application introduces by the company, use in various platforms like Android, IOS, and many more. Regardless of the system, the cloud can easily access and change.
  • Economical: - Mobile cloud computing removes the cost of hardware and it is one of the most cost-effective methods use and maintain. Mobile cloud computing costs the user only has to pay for what they used.
  • Backup and recovery:- In mobile cloud computing, the data backup can take easily, and data retrieving is also easy when needed.