Types of Cloud

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybird
  • Community
  1. Pubic cloud:-The-Public cloud permits the accessibility of systems and services efficiently to the general public. A public cloud is the one in which the services and infrastructure provides offsite over the internet. Examples: Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Rackspace, etc.
Types of Cloud

Advantage of Public Cloud

  • Low cost: - As compared to a private cloud, a public cloud is having low cost, because the public cloud shares the same resources with a large number of consumers.
  • Reliable:-The biggest advantage of the public cloud is that, it provides a large number of resources from different locations.  If any of the resources stop working, the public cloud can employee another one.
  • Flexible: -The Public cloud can be easily integrated or combined with private cloud; that’s why it is so flexible.
  • Location independent: - Public cloud assures the independency of location because the public cloud services are delivered through the internet.
  • High scalability:-Resources on the cloud are provided as per the demand from the pool of resources which, means resources can be scaled up or down according to the need of the user.

Disadvantages of Public Cloud

  • Low security: - Security is the major drawback of the public cloud. In the public cloud, data is present offsite and resources are shared publicly. So, in this way, the public cloud does not assure the high level of security.
  • Less customization: - Customization of services is not possible in public cloud.
  • Performance: - The performance of the network mainly depends on the speed of the internet.
  • Lacks proper control:- In the public cloud, there is no control over the data and infrastructure.

2) Private cloud: -“A private cloud is a cloud in which the services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network.” It allows accessibility of systems and services within the organization. Private cloud is specially operated only within a particular organization. It is managed by third party.

Advantages of Private Cloud

  • High security and privacy:- The major advantage of private cloud is security. Data on private cloud is secured because in private cloud resources are shared from distinct pool of resources.
  • More control:- Private cloud have more control on its resources more than the public cloud because it can be accessed only within the boundary of an organization.
  • Customization: - Customization is another advantage of private cloud. An important characteristic of private cloud is the level of customization they offer.

Disadvantages of Private Cloud

  • Restriction:- Private cloud can be accessed locally. It is very difficult to expand globally.
  • More cost:-The cost of private cloud is more than the public code.
  • Less scalability:-Private cloud is less scalable. It is scaled only within limited capacity of internal hosted resources.

3) Hybrid cloud:- Hybrid cloud is defined as “the mixture of public and private cloud.” Hybrid cloud is a combined cloud service utilizing both private and public clouds to perform different types of functions within the same organization.

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud

  • Scalable:- Hybrid cloud is scalable because it provides the feature of both public as well as private cloud scalability
  • Flexible and secure:- Hybrid cloud provides secure resources due to private cloud and scalable resources due to public cloud.
  • Cost-effective:-The cost of a hybrid cloud is less as compared to private cloud.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Cloud

  • Networking issues:- Networking becomes complex in hybrid cloud because of the private and public cloud.
  • Infrastructure dependency
  • Possibility of security breach through a public cloud.

4) Community cloud: - In community cloud, system and services are allowed to be accessible by group of organizations. Cloud computing shares the infrastructure between various organizations from a specific community. Cloud computing is managed internally by organization or by a third party.

Advantages of Community Cloud

  • Cost effective:-Community cloud provides same advantage as that of private cloud at low cost.
  • Sharing among organization:-Community cloud offers an infrastructure to share cloud resources and competences among several organization.
  • Security:-Community cloud is more secure than the public cloud.

Disadvantages of Community Cloud

  • Not the right choice for every organization.
  • Slow adoption date.