Difference between Tableau and Excel

Why is Tableau used instead of Excel?

Tableau is a fastest growing and powerful data visualization tool which is primarily used in the Business Intelligence Industry whereas Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program which is used for calculations, making charts and recording data about all sorts of business processes. Both Excel and Tableau tools are used for analyzing the data, but both the software has a unique methodology for data exploration. However, the analysis in Tableau is more effective than excel.
Excel Tableau
Excel Spreadsheet application is primarily used for managing or manipulating the data. A tableau is a visualization tool which is used for analysis of data.
It is most suitable for statistical analysis of structured figures. It is most ideal for quick and accessible representation of big data which helps in determining the vast data problems.
Excel operates with rows and columns in spreadsheets. Tableau enables data exploring using its drag and drop feature. It formats the data in Graphs, pictures that are easily understandable
Excel has moderate speed and no option to quicken. Tableau also has average speed, but it has multiple options to customize and enhance the development of a project.
In Excel, the inbuilt security feature is weak as compared to that of Tableau. Also, the security update needs to be installed regularly. Tableau has many options to secure data quickly without any scripting. It has various inbuilt security features like row level security and permission.
To utilize excel to full potential, one needs to have the basic knowledge of macro and visual basic scripting knowledge. Tableau is a kind of analysis tool can be used without any programming knowledge.
Cooperates uses Excel for preparing reports with small data. It is highly beneficial while dealing with large-scale data.
Ms-Excel is built by Microsoft and comes with MS Office tools Tableau is bundled with different versions, for example, the Tableau desktop, cloud, and server.
Excel can integrate with more than 60 applications. The Tableau software can integrate with over 250 applications.
When you are working in excel, you need to have an idea of where your data takes you to get to know the proper results. While working in Tableaus; you are set free to explore any data without even any prior knowledge of the outcome. With the in-built features of the tableau, like data blending and drill-down, you will be able to determine the disparities and data patterns.
While working in Excel, the user first needs to manipulate the data that is present and then the visualization of different charts, and graphs are created manually. One needs to understand the features of Excel to have a proper understanding of the visualizations of the data. In Tableau, the large-scale data is visualized from the very beginning.
  Hence, Tableau has better performance than Excel in major areas like the interactive dashboards, visualizations, capabilities to work with big data and many more.