IoT - Platform

IoT Platform: As in IoT, all IoT devices are connected to other IoT devices and applications to transmit and receive information through protocols. There is a difference between the IoT device and the IoT application. An IoT platform bridges the gap between devices (sensors) and the applications (network). Therefore, we can say that an IoT platform is an integrated service that closes the difference between the IoT device and the application and offers us to put a physical object online.

There are various IoT Platforms available that provides the facility to deploy IoT application actively. Some of them are listed below:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT platform
  • Microsoft Azure IoT platform
  • Google Cloud Platform IoT
  • IBM Watson IoT platform
  • Artik Cloud IoT platform

Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT platform 

The Amazon Web Services IoT platform provides security and a set of services that connect to multiple devices. It collects data from the connected devices and performs those actions in real-time.

Microsoft Azure IoT platform 

The Microsoft Azure IoT platform provides robust security, scalability, and easy integration with systems. It uses a standard protocol that supports bi-directional communication between the connected devices and the platform. The Azure IoT platform has Azure Stream Analytics that process a large amount of real-time information generated by sensors. There are some standard features provided by Microsoft Azure IoT platform are:

  • Information monitoring
  • A rules engine
  • Device shadowing
  • Identity registry

Google Cloud Platform IoT

Google Cloud Platform is a global cloud platform that offers a solution for IoT devices and applications. It manages a large amount of data using Cloud IoT Core by connecting different devices. It allows us to apply BigQuery analysis or machine learning to the data. The features provided by Google Cloud IoT Platform are:

  • Cloud IoT Core
  • Speed up IoT devices
  • Cloud publisher-subscriber
  • Cloud Machine Learning Engine

IBM Watson IoT platform

The IBM Watson IoT platform enables the developer to deploy the application and quickly create IoT solutions. It provides the following services:

  • Real-time data exchange
  • Device management
  • Secure Communication
  • Data sensor and weather data services

Artik Cloud IoT platform

Samsung develops the Artik Cloud IoT platform. It allows devices to connect to cloud services. It offers a set of services to connect devices to the cloud at all times and start collecting data. It collects incoming data from the connected devices and combines the information. It contains a set of connectors that connects to third-party services.

How IoT platform helps

  • The IoT platform connects sensors and devices.
  • The IoT platform manages various software communication protocols and hardware.
  • The IoT platform provides security and authentication for sensors and users.
  • It collects the data from the sensors and devices. It also visualizes and analyses that data.