Difference Between Center and Centre

Difference Between Center and Centre

For centuries, the different spelling of same word have confused so many writers. We often confuse about which spelling is correct? Where we should use center or where to you centre? Somewhere this confusion is obvious, because the slight change of a letter or positioning of letters in spelling can change the meaning of the word and it can ruin your writing.

Center Vs Centre which one is correct?

Some Other Examples:-

There are so many other words in English, which have been confusion people for a long time:

Organization vs organisation, colour vs color, grey vs gray, learned vs learnt, flavour vs flavor, metre vs meter, analyse vs analyze and so on.

Let’s understand the reason behind this confusion:

The origin of English language is basically from the Germanic languages. But due to the migration Great Britainis considered to be the originofEnglish. There are several countries around the world and America is one of those countries. The reason behind confusion in spellings is these two countries. Spelling differences between American and British English have confused so many people for long years.

When to use Centre?

“Centre is the exact spelling of British English.”

Centre can be a noun and a verb as well.

Centre: As a noun

Centre is a countable noun. Here is some examples which have shown that how the word centre use as a noun:

  • Centre word refers to the exact middle or midpoint of any line or shape. For Example:
  • In this task, captain of opponent team will stand at the centre of the stage.
  • The centre of gravity in females is lower than the males.
  • The centreof each molecule is known as the nucleus.
  • Sometimes, centre also refers as a research centre or organization that provides the facility of some activities. Example:
  • Riya is going to join the English Coaching Centre.
  • Kevin works in the call centre for the last three years.
  • For the past two years, Rihana is working as a volunteer in the health care center.
  • After paralysis attack, the doctor has referred him to rehabilitation centre for treatment.
  • Centre also refers to the immense interest or curiosity in someone or something that always attracts.
  • A child is the centre of attraction for her/his mother.
  • The decoration of the carnival was the centreofattraction.
  • Jenny is the centre of attraction wherever she goes.

Centre: As a verb

Centre as a verb means, to location of something in the middle of the area, to find middle, or to revolve around

  1. All the headings and diagrams should be centred on the page.
  2. The entire discussion was centred on the Efforts to Improve the Education System.
  3. Today’s entire conversation centred on the decoration theme of the annual function.

Adjectives of Centre

Centre is also used as adjectives included past and present participle forms of the verb. There are so many adjectives of centre which used in a certain context. Some most commonly used adjectives of centre are given below:

  • Central

Central is used for being in the centre and being the most important to something. It refers a preeminent or upmost thing.

  1. We live in the central area of the city which is quite safe even in nights.
  2. How far is the Central Secretariat from here?
  1. Centralise or Centralised

This is the past participle form of central.

  1. The new showroom is fully air conditioner centralised.
  2. Centric

Centred or focusing on something. Centric word refers located at a centre.

Some politicians have no concern about the public, they are too self centric.

  • Centreless

Centreless refers without having a centre.

When to use Center?

There is no meaning difference in between the centre and center. It means the meaning and uses of both these words are same. Center is the correct spelling according to the American English.

Similarly center is also used all the places of centre. Center is used as noun as well as verb. The adjectives are also same. But the past participle verb form of central is ‘Centralized'in AmericanEnglish.

Difference between Centre and Center:-

Centre and center are not the similar words, rather these are the same. Both these are different spellings of same word. After expanding the influence of United States of America over the world; linguistic evolution has come in American English. So between these two countries, there are so many differences in the grammar, spellings, pronunciation and articulation of words.

Difference Between Center and Centre

Let’s discuss centre vs center:

These words have no difference at all. The only difference exists at the basis of the region where these words are used or the country where you live in. Centre is the correct spelling of British English whereas center is the correct spelling of American English.

  • Centre is used in British English.
  • Center is used in American English.

Let’s distinguish between Centre and Center with the help of comparison table:

 Centre is the correct spelling of British English.Center is the right spelling in American English.
 Centre often used in British region.Mostly people in America used center.
 Centre as a Noun: The Sun is the centre of our solar system. All the planets revolve around the sun.Center as a Noun: In a circle or sphere, diameter is a line that passes through the center.
 The adjective of centre is central and the past participle form of central is centralised in British English.Adjective of center is also central. But in American English, the past participle of central is centralized.


The summary of this Centre vs Center is; there is no difference at all on the basis of their meaning and use. The only difference occurs due to the different grammar rules of two different countries.

Centre is from British English whereas Center is from American English.