Difference between Visa and Passport

Traveling is an inevitable part of life. People travel to distant areas for work, jobs, studies, etc. Traveling helps us in having a practical experience of places, cities, countries, etc. We get to know more about a place when we visit there. For instance, when we go to New York, we visit the Statue of Liberty. This is because every city or country has a particular place through which it is known.

Nowadays, people like to travel to explore places. Travelling has become easier due to advancements in technologies. Earlier, it took many days or weeks to reach a particular place. Now, it has become quite easier to travel anywhere at any time. Majorly every work regarding traveling is done through Visa and Passports. For traveling internationally, these two documents are essentially required. One of the main reasons traveling has become easy, is due to visa and passport. Now, visa and passport are two different documents. So, let us discuss about their meanings and differences.

Difference Between Visa And Passport


A visa is defined as a document that has been issued in the form of a stamp. A visa is a stamp that is marked on the passport of an individual who is visiting some foreign land. VISA stands for ‘Visitors International Stay Admission.’ The word Visa has been derived from the Latin word meaning ‘the document that has been seen.’ Visas are generally permission to enter in a country/ territory. However, it is interesting to note that the visa can be rejected at any time by the government if there are some discrepancies. Now, there are three kinds of visas in order to visit the US. For business, one has to apply for visa category B-1; for tourism, one has to apply for visa category B-2, and for a combination of both business and tourism, one has to apply for B-1/B-2 category of visa. Now, generally, to visit any nation, there are four significant kinds of visas. They are:

  • Type 1: The type 1 visa is the tourist visa.
  • Type 2: The type 2 visa is the immigration & naturalization visa. This visa is required for marriage purposes.
  • Type 3: This type of visa is a student visa.
  • Type 4: This type of visa is used for business.

Visas are important to travel to any country. However, there are some countries in which visas are not required. These are British Virginia Islands, Dominica, Fiji, Haiti, Cook Islands, etc. Thus, visas are essential for visiting other countries.


A passport is a document issued by the government. Passport certifies the identity of the holder and their citizenship, thereby entitling the person to travel safely in other countries. A passport is a kind of permission given to a person to travel internationally. This document mainly covers the nationality of the citizen. The credentials included in the passport are the full name of the citizen, photograph, signatures, date of birth, place, and expiry of the passport. Now, there are six major kinds of passports. They are:

  • Official Passport: This passport is issued to the government employees to travel regarding work.
  • Diplomatic Passport: This type of passport is issued to the country’s diplomats.
  • Emergency Passport: This passport is issued to people whose passport has been lost or stolen. When there is no time for replacement, such passports are issued.
  • Collective Passport: This passport is issued to groups like school trips wherein people travel together.
  • Family Passport: This kind of passport is issued to an entire family who wants to visit a particular country.
  • Passport: This is a common kind of passport that is issued to individuals or people of other nationals.

Now, there are certain differences between a visa and a passport. So, let us discuss them in detail.

 1Visa is defined as a document issued in the stamp form.On the other hand, a passport is a document issued by the government.
 2A visa is a stamp on the passport.A passport is a small-sized booklet.
 3A visa is a temporary authorization for an individual who is a passport holder.A passport is a permanent authorization of the citizen of the country.
 4The word visa has been taken from a Latin word meaning ‘the document that has been seen.’The word passport was first found in the 1414 Act of Parliament. This term was used to ‘pass through a gate of the city wall.’
 5Visa is a legal authorization, thereby giving permission to an individual to enter into a foreign land.A passport is an individual certification that includes the credentials of an individual during their foreign travels.
 6The visa is issued by the country one wants to visit. The purpose has to be stated before applying for a visa.A passport is a legal document issued by the country one is living in. passport is issued in order to gain permission to visit some other country.
 7Visas are used for individual authorization to move to some other country.The passports include the names, citizenship, photo, physical address, etc.
 8There are four types of visas, namely student visa, immigration visa, tourist visa, and business visa.There are six types of passports, namely passport, official passport, emergency passport, collective passport, family passport, and a diplomatic passport.

Visa and passport are essential documents that are required to visit international lands. Apart from some countries, every country requires a visa for traveling. For instance, in order to visit the US, there are three different kinds of visas (B1, B2, and B1/B2). For traveling to any nation, these two documents are required. So, these are some of the contrasting points between visa and passport. However, the country has to right to cancel the visa in case of any discrepancy. Thus, it is important to note that no problems are created while applying for a passport and visa.