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Difference between Guidance and Counseling

Difference Between Guidance And Counseling

Guidance meaning

Guidance is the direction or advice given to a person by an expert or certified individual in a particular department. In other words, guidance means the action where an individual who has better proficiency or understanding than the one who is acquiring the advice or guidance on finer track, making choices, adjustment or solutions to track down the problems they are facing.

Advice is given in every department, especially in the education sector where teachers, professors give direction to students on career, work, or instruct them for life's work. For instance, teachers can guide 12th students to find better courses or universities by showing them the opportunities and obstacles of different courses they can go once they complete schooling. However, in place of work, the chief or director guides their workers in the respective duty they have to achieve. Parents or elder brothers/sisters also give advice or direction to their younger children or siblings for their future. It expands psychological and educational potentials and aspirations. Hence, guidance contributes to personal growth and shows the direction to a person for their future goal or objective. The range of guidance is wide as it is found in every place and for whole life.

Counseling meaning

Counseling is the provision of professional assistance and advice in solving a person's personal or psychological issues. In other words, counseling is the therapy where the client tells about his/her issues or feelings to the counselor, who helps to find the solution or guide their client. It helps people to tackle their mental problems and emotional pain. Therefore, counselors are all ears to the client's issues with affinity and converse it in a private environment. There are many sitting not only for one day.

Counseling's objective is to cure and refurbish troubled mind patients; it includes broad fields such as investigation for the purpose of giving the most precise psychological guidance, direction, instructions to the clients or a person with psychological problems. It helps the client to stay natural and practical in the future. They also change the point of view of a patient to help them in selecting a suitable choice.

Comparison between guidance and counseling

Basis Guidance Counseling
Meaning Guidance is the direction or advice given to a person by an expert or certified individual in the particular department to resolve a problem. Counseling is the provision of professional assistance and advice in solving a person's personal or psychological issues.
Nature Guidance is preventive in nature as it helps a person to make the best choice. Counseling is remedial and curative in nature as it helps them to come up with well-informed solutions.
Approach The guidance uses comprehensive and external approaches to solve the educational or career problems. Counselling uses in-depth approach to know the deep-rooted causes of psychological and personal issues before solving them.
Objective It supports or helps the person in choosing the preferable option. Counseling helps to change the person's point of view and to get a solution by themself.
Provided by A person who is certified, superior, or expert. A person who is professional and has high-level knowledge to cure psychological problems.
Confidentiality There is no assurance in Confidentially. It is done openly and is less private. There is assurance in confidentiality because the meeting or session is done privately.
Provide The guidance provides quick solutions and decisions. Counseling allows a person to make the most suitable solutions to solve a problem.
Scope Guidance has a broad scope, such as career guidance, educational guidance, workplace guidance, financial guidance, health guidance, and many more. Counseling helps personal and socio-psychological assistance.
Decision The decision is made by the expert. The decision is made by the client.


Counseling and guidance both are essential for people when they go through problems in their lives. Hence, guidance and counseling can help to tackle these problems. Both terms are different, as guidance is the advice given by the superior to the individual, whereas, counseling aims to find the problem that can be personal or socio-psychological and then solve by the professional counselor.