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Difference between India and Australia

Difference between India and Australia


India is a large country in Asia Continent. A Portuguese explorer VascodeGama was the first European who reach India. He reached Calicut (India) in July 1497 via Atlantic Ocean.

Location: India or Bharat is the vast country which is located in the southern portion of Asia continent.

Globally, India has second rank in the list of countries by population.

It is the seventh largest country in the world in terms of area.

India is land of farmers. Here 58% people of India are living their life with dependency of Agriculture. India produces rice and wheat on second largest scale and export across the world.

The contribution of agriculture in the GDP of India (Gross Domestic Product) is 19.9% in 2020-21.


Australia is the smallest continent in the world. Australia island is located between Pacific and Indian oceans in southern hemisphere. It is also known as Commonwealth of Australia.

Australia, NewZealand and other neighbouring island form or combine a geographical region in the ocean known as Australasia. Australasia, Polynesia, Micronesia and,Melanesia these all are the sub region in the Oceania. Australia is the largest country of the Oceania.

Australia has sixth rank by area in the list of countries.

Commonality between India and Australia:-

Although there are long distance between India and Australia yet we can notice some similarities between both different countries.

  • India and Australia bothhave intense devotion for cricket. Indian and Australian cricket team are the Top Two Cricket Teams of the world.
  • Prime Minister is the Head of Government in both the countries.
  • These two countries are the have biggest democracies in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Australia has also diversity in languages. But for both India and Australia English is the official language.
  • India and Australia both countries had ruled by British Empire and both countries had fought for independence against British Crown.

India vs Australia

India and Australia are quite different from each other. The culture, education, economy, wildlife and resources are very distinct.

  • India got freedom from British Crown in 15 August, 1947.

Australia got the independence as a nation on 1 January, 1901. British Empire landed and started ruling in Australia in 1770.

  • Delhi is the capital of India and Mumbai is known as economic capital of India. So Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata are the metro cities of India.

Melbourne, Sydney, Perth are the most attractive mega cities in Australia. And these are famous for its dessert and beaches.

  • Australasia is an island in the ocean so it is obvious the coastline area of Australia is larger than India.
  • Australia has approximately 25,760 km of coastline and India has7,516km ofcoastline.
  • Unemployment rate in Australia is higher than in India, in past two years. This rate basically tells about how many people have unemployed?

In 2020 unemployment rate in India is 5.4% and it is about 6.5% of the Australia.

  • There are a lot of economic difference between India and Australia. The average life expenses are higher in Australia. Cost of living in Australia is 70.7% more expensive than India.

If you’re living in Australia, you have to pay more for food, restaurants, transportation, house, education, internet, electricity and so on.

  • 100% population of Australia has access to electricity reported in 2018.

A recent survey reported that in India, 87% population has access to electricity.

13% Indian Household have not connected to Grid based electricity.

  • India has the second largest populated country in the world. So the density of India is 383 per square kilometres. Density described as the number of people are living per square km. In 2018, Australian population density is 3.3 people in one square km.
  • In the exportation, Australia is popular for export mainly Iron across the world. And coal, petroleum and gold are also some other most valuable exports.

India is famous for export refined petroleum, pharmaceutical products (medicines and its raw material), jewelleries, diamond, precious metals, gems, iron, steel and rice. All these are the top exports by India in 2020.

  • Australian forests are the home of distinct and unique variety of animals, reptiles and birds. Kangaroo, koala, dingo, spiders and wallaby are the best wildlife in Australia. Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia.

The wildlife of India is very vast. Indian Forests are the home of such large animals like Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions, Indian rhinoceros, snow leopard, Indian elephant etc.

Difference between India and Australia

Let’s discuss in detail to bring more clarity between the lifestyles and other political differences:

Basis of differenceIndiaAustralia
Geographical locationIndia is a large countryin southern portion ofAsia continent.Australia is located in the Oceaniacontent.
Form of GovernmentIn India, there is parliamentary democracy.Australia has federal parliamentary monarchy government.
Rank by AreaIndia has seventh rank in terms of area.Australia is the sixth largest country in the world by area.
CoastlineIndia has 7,516kmof coastline.Australia has a long coastline approximately 25,760 km.
Popular SportsCricket, kabbadi, badminton, wrestling, football are popular sports in India.Australian football is the most prominent sport. Cricket, soccer and golf are other notablesports in Australia.
Density RateIndia has second largest population in the world. Density rate is 383 per sq km.In Australia, density rate is 3.3 per sq km.
Dominant ReligionPeople of every religion are considered in India. 79.8% of the population are Hindus. Islam, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhismare other well known religion in India.Mostly population of Australia is Christians. Catholic and Anglican are venerable religion.
ExportationIndia export refined petroleum, oil, medicines,pearls, gems,  jewellery, rice and spices on a large scale.Australia mainly export iron ore, petroleum and gold across the world.
GDPIndia has 2,099.60 USD GDP in 2019.55,060.33 USD GDP in 2019 which is far more than India.
Economic StrengthIndia is a developing country and trying to maintain economical and growth conditions.Higher GDP shows the economic strength of country.
Economic DifferencesIndia is 70.7% cheaper than Australia.Average expenditure in Australia is higher.
AgricultureIndia produces rice and wheat on the second largest scale in the world. The share of agriculture to the GDP is19.9%Agriculture contributes hardly 3% to the GDP of Australia.
Industry27% contribution in the National Economy. Onlymining, electricity and gas have 10% share.Industries share 25.2%to the GDP. Mining is the largest contributor in the Economy.

Distance between India and Australia:-

The aerial distance between India and Australia is 10426 km. There are direct flights from New Delhi to Sydney. The flight take 12-15 hours long time. It depends on the stoppage of flight. By taking Nonstop flight you can reach Australia in 12 hours and 30 minutes.

Time difference:-

There is absolute 4 hours 30 minutes time gap between these two countries. Australia is 4 hours and 30 minutes ahead of India.


Although these two countries have so much differences yet the relations between India and Australia are very friendly. These countries exchange important resources.

Even during the time of Covid pandemic, India helped Australia by export Medicines. And similarly on the other hand Australia sentmedical equipment, ventilators and oxygen help. It shows the strong bond between both the countries.