Difference between OTG and Microwave


OTG’s complete form is Oven, toaster, grill. It is a mini model of a traditional oven. OTG oven is used for baking, toasting, reheating, and grilling food. It uses heated coils on the ceiling and the roof to prepare food and doesn't need much rearranging or shifting. There is a thermostat outside the OTG oven which helps in controlling the temperature to make sure the meal is cooked or heated properly.


A microwave oven is an electronic oven, which is used to heat or cook food by high-frequency electromagnetic waves. These radio waves have three properties; they are absorbed by water, fats, and sugars. Microwaves have three properties that allow them to use in cooking meals, they pass through glass, plastic, paper, they are reflected by metal, and they are absorbed by food. Magnetron inside microwave produces microwaves which use water molecules in the food to vibrate then this results in friction between molecules which heat up food. It takes lesser time to cook a meal.

Comparison between OTG and microwave

Difference Between OTG And Microwave
Basis OTG Microwave
Cooking speed OTG takes approximately 15 minutes to heat food. Microwaves heat food directly in about 5 minutes.
Creates heat by OTG uses heating coils. Microwaves uses electromagnetic waves.
Power usage OTG takes less power. The microwave takes more power.
Containers Glass, metal, silicon, or ceramic can be used to cook food. Glass, silicon, and ceramic can be used but not metal.
Weight OTG is light-weighted and can be move around easily. The microwave is heavy and cannot be shift frequently.
Auto-cook The auto cook function is not available. Auto-cook function is available in the microwave.
Price OTG is less expensive, and the price is not more than rs.10000 Microwave is expensive a price starts from rs.10000
Used in OTG can be used in baking, toasting, and grilling food. Microwave is used in baking, heating, defrosting, and cooking food.
Heat distribution OTG distribute less heat, and therefore it takes time to cook. Microwaves distribute more heat, and therefore it takes less time to cook food.