Difference Between Recruitment and Selection

Difference Between Recruitment and Selection

For running an organization successfully, workforce plays a vital role. Because employees are the assets of organisations and with their skills and ideas, organization becomes successful. In this process, the organization needs to choose the right and most deserving candidates which is really challenging task in itself. Such candidates can align their goals with the organisation’s goals.

As we all know due to the large population, the competition is very high. So getting a job and finding the right applicants for that job is not an easy task. But recruitment and selection processes make it easy.

Recruitment and selection we all have heard or read search terms. For a job seeker, these words are really attractive to them. Candidates who are seeking job always looking for the recruitments and selection.

But for most of us, these two terms are really confusing. Many people think that in an organization these are the same things. For bring clarity let's discuss about recruitment and selection in detail:

What is Recruitment:-

Recruitment is the process of hunting more and more potential candidates for a vacant position and establishes interaction between candidate and organisation.

There are mainly two types of recruitment in the enterprise:

  • InternalRecruitment:

Recruitment such as transfers of employees, promotion, retirement of employee, ex-employee; all these are the type of internal recruitment.

  • ExternalRecruitment:

Campus recruitment, through advertisement, recruitment agencies, internet or online recruitment, employment fair; all these are the part of external recruitment. These are the main resources of recruitment.

Features of Recruitment

  • The main purpose of recruitment is the process to finding the right one for the organisation. All the job seekers who are applying for the vacancy known as applicants or candidates.
  • This process encourages huge number of people to fill the application for the particular position. So that the employers can find the right talent.
  • Recruitment process inspires applicants for actual vacancy.
  • This is simple as well as a time taking procedure. A job seeker has to keep patience because recruiters receive huge number of applications.
  • The procedure of recruitment has done by human resource managers. They have good interpersonal skills, communication skills and excellent inmanaging relationship with employees.
  • Now a day recruitment agencies and consultancy services are very common.

These agencies work like a bridge between companies and eligible candidates. In this third party help the company to find the potential candidate for anticipated vacancy. And also help the job seekers by giving information about recruitments.

Process of Recruitment

In every organization, recruitment process is too long. It starts with the vacancy and end up by filling that vacant position. But this is not enough. There are some other activities involve in the procedure of recruitment. All these actions are taken by human resources manager. These steps are given below:

  • Figure out the job requirement is the first step.
  • Informed as many people as possible about that job. It will help the recruiters to find talented applicants.
  • Recruiters have the responsibility to manage the receiving response of applicants.
  • Scrutiny of all the applications by recruiters.
  • Final step is to shortlist the candidates and appoint them at the suitable vacant position.

What is Selection

Selection is the final result of recruitment procedure. When an organization selects the applicants from the large number of applications.

Features of Selection

In organization, the process of selecting candidates has some specific features. As the organisation point of view, employees are the assets and the growth of company depends on them. So here are some important features of selection that given below:

  • Selection is the actual process to appoint the talented candidate for filling up the vacant post in the enterprise.
  • After selection, job applicant turn into the valuable employee of the company.
  • It is the final activity of entire recruitment process.
  • It is very hectic and time consuming process for the recruiters.
  • This procedure is also sometimes disheartening for those candidates who are not selected for the job.
  • Select the potential candidates is not a easy task. Recruiters have to pay too much attention. They have to check candidate’s academic performance, skills, experience, background etc.

Process of Selection

Like recruitment, there are also some activities involve in selection procedure. All these actions have taken by the human resource manager. The process of selecting potential candidate is based on various aspects. Also it is the very hectic procedure for recruiters. Some activities of selection process are given below:

  • Exposing of the applying applicants for vacant position.
  • Dismiss the unsuitable portfolios for the vacancy.
  • Managing the selection procedure via written examination, aptitude test, personality test etc which is really a tough task.
  • Passing candidates have promoted for this round that is called Interview. It is the most important and sensitive part of the selection procedure.
  • Recruiters check the last company status of the candidate and also some legal formalities and verification.
  • Some jobs require medical test and health check up as well.

Key Differences between Recruitment and Selection

Most of the people and sometimes job applicants are also getting confused between these two terms recruitment and selection. They think that if someone recruits for a job, it means he/she also have selected for job. While recruitment does not mean that you have also selected for the job position.

Although these words are quite similar, still there is a huge difference.

Some key differences between recruitment and selection are given below:

  • Recruitment is the entire procedure for filling up the vacant post in the organization while on the other hand selection is the final step. In which the potential job applicants have selected for the vacancy.
  • The motive behind recruitment is to encourage more job seekers apply for the vacancy. So recruitment is the positive approach. Conversely, selection is basically to short listed the more potential candidate and rejects all the unsuitable applicants.
  • Recruitment is a long procedure. For a human resources manager, this process is time taking. Comparatively, procedure of selection does not take much time. But selecting the potential candidate, it is based on the right decisions.
  • In the process of getting appointment for job, every candidate must have to go through these two processes. First step is recruitment and after recruiting the candidate, getting selection is the second step.
  • In recruitment, job applicants can not directly establish relation with the recruiters. Conversely, selection is the process which is based on direct interaction between applicants and human resource manager.

Here are the comparison table. It will help to understand the difference between recruitment and selection more clearly:

Basis of ComparisonRecruitmentSelection
MeaningIt is the process to collect all the fillings for vacant position.Selection is the procedure to select the right one and appoint him/her.
PurposeThe purpose of recruitment is to find the potential applicants.Selection is all about to appoint the most competent candidate for vacant post.
ApproachRecruitment is a positive approach.This process encourages people.Selection is negative approach. This process rejects the unsuitable candidates.
ObjectiveThis process is for encourage more eligible people for the vacancyIn selection, recruiters short listed the candidates.
Time consumingRecruitment is more time consuming. It is a long procedure.Selection is not that much long process.
ProcedureIt is the external procedure in which external factors like advertisement, job consulting agencies are included.It is basically internal procedure. No external factors or third party are included.
Interaction with recruitersIn recruitment, the direct interaction and conversation with recruiters is not possible.Selection involves the interaction between the candidate and recruiter.
Medium of NotifiedVacant positions are notified publically (to involve large number of people) such as social media platform, newspaper, online and offline forms.It is notified at personal level such as mail, phone call or even through offline modes.


Recruitment and selection process is really critical and important part of every organisation. The selected employees are the fresh and new face of the company. They take the company to new heights through their skills and ideas.