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Difference between Vision and Mission

Difference between Vision and Mission

These words are really important for every organisation. Now a day, in fast-paced environment, every organisation must have a clear or pinned statement which is attractive.

There are so many organisation and industries. The competition is very high in every sector. So for looking unique and raising above from the competition, the concept of organization’s vision and mission play a huge role. Every organisation has their vision and mission statements. These statement summarise there principles and goals. So these statements are supremely important. It decides the future growth, and success of organization.

Both of these are the backbone of the company. The company can’t survive without these.

But both of these have different purposes. It is true that there is no directly link between these statements and growth of company.

Meaning of vision:-

The vision signifies the ultimate objective of individual or an organization. It acts as values and principles of an organisation on which their whole strategies and planning revolve. Vision statement is declared about what you want to accomplish in business and life as well.

Every renowned organisation takes their all decisions on the basis of their vision.

If a person or company don't have any vision about future then the probability of their growth is least.

Why having a vision is so important?

For being successful in a long run having a vision is too essential. Let's discuss why vision plays so important role in the success of individual or an organisation:

  • Vision provides you direction in business and life as well. Without having a vision, you will feel stuck and loss.
  • Vision is like a road map. Roadmap provide you absolute clarity about the path, similarly vision works.
  • Vision statement is describing the values and work ethics of organization. And without these fundamentals any organisation cannot survive in a long run in any sector.
  • An organisation’s vision helps them to make them different from others. Because in any industry, there are so many competitors.
  • If any organization has a vision and they are constantly working on it, then it will improve their brand value and public relations.
  • By a good vision statement, public can trust their products and services easily. Because it give them a sense of comfort and assurance about brand.
  • The future of organisation is decided by their vision. So it is important to align the vision of employees with the vision of organization.

Features of Vision Statement:-

There are some essential features of vision statement. A well written vision statement must have contains these common features:

  • Vision statement should be very clear, concise and easy to understand.
  • Vision statement should not be any kind of temptation to the public. It should be absolutely natural. And this is the responsibility of every organisation to stick on their vision.
  • Every goals and strategies in enterprise work on the basis of their vision. They don't care about present consequences.
  • This statement is written in the present tense but it concludes to serve the future of the company. So vision statement always focuses on the future.

Why am I doing this? Where do we want see ourselves in future? Or how do we achieve this?

Vision statement is described about the desirable future position where company want to reach.

Definition of mission:-

The mission is a simple statement that declares the present situation of company and its objectives.

The mission is a blue print of all the actions performed by individual/groups and entire enterprise, in order to achieve the Vision of Organization.

Importance of Mission Statement:-

Why having a mission for an organisation is so important?

Mission are like a baby steps that is taking by every individual in the company to accomplish the final vision.

The mission statement describing about the current goals. Without mission organization have no strategies and tactics to work on it.

It is the short description about an organisation’s purpose and aims. It is also contains a brief introduction about organization and what it does.

Employees are the most important aspect of mission. No mission can accomplish without the workforce.

For achievements, they encourage by appraisal and other promotions.

These encouragements motivate workforce and engage them to give their best in every aspects.

If organization has a mission, then all the employees have the common goals to achieve. And also they all share the resources, ideas and approach to achieve goals.

Features of Mission Statement:-

Here are some important features that should be included in mission statement. These features are given below:

Mission statement is important to focus on the current affairs and challenges. It also includes how to achieve the final goals.

Mission statement describe about organization’s business, their objectives and the mind-set to achieve those objectives.

Mission statement includes:

Why we do what we do? What can we do today to accomplish final goal? Or how can we serve through our products and services?

  • Always remember these questions while making mission statement.
  • The timeline for mission is very short and it is changeable.
  • According to the ups and downs or challenges coming on regular basis, mission has continuously changed.
  • It is about what an organization want to achieve and how do the organisation serve their clients.
  • All the strategies, planning and activities involve in the mission.

Key Difference between Vision and Mission:-

Although these words are really confusing and sometimes they are used as synonyms. Yet that’s not complete information. These two first are different from others;

Vision is all about inspire people, giving them hope, adding values in their life and making efforts to serve them. On the other hand mission statement describes how will the organizations or enterprise going to achieve or working on that vision. It elaborates organization’s strategies and small goals.

Vision of the company always made with the future in mind. It is the final goal of organization. Comparatively, mission statement is made up according to the present.

Vision can’t be change. But mission can be change according to coming challenges.

Vision is soul and mission is the body. Body can be change many times, but soul is constant. So vision statement remains unchanged.

To understand more deeply and bring more clarity about to distinguish between vision and mission, let us understand with the help of comparison table:

Basis of ComparisonVisionMission
MeaningVision statement is the final goal to be achieved.It is the statement that involves the activities to accomplish that goal.
ChangeUsually the vision of organization does not change. It is constant.Mission can be change according to the circumstances and coming challenges.
Time horizonVision statement describe about the future.Mission statement talk about the present leading to the future.
ScopeThe scope of vision is too wide. It holds  the holistic approach.Mission is very narrow approach which is only focus on present.
Time spanThe timeline of vision is long. It is the long run race.The timeline of mission is short. It can be vary according to current situation.
PurposeThe purpose of vision to inspire people and give them hope.The purpose of mission is to provide road map for achieving goals.
WorkingVision statement is usually a motivation for all the employees for organization.Mission consist the tasks and this statement let the employees know about company’s goals.
Focus onVision is focused on why aspects.Mission statement is focused on how aspect.


The vision and mission statements provide focus and straight direction to the organisation that helps to align these with the other employees of organization. Such statement creates the first impression about the company, its values and principles. The roles of vision and mission statements are really critical in any sector.

If everyone will work in the same direction, with the same purpose and towards the same aim, the possibility of growth will increase rapidly.

“Vision is the soul and Mission is the body of organization.”